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Not so many products will catch you off-guard as 4 Gauge does with its deadly look—a bottle shaped like a shotgun shell. In terms of getting your attention right off the bat, this product gets it mostly right. But beyond this clever piece of marketing, what is 4 Gauge designed for and can it give you quite the same potency as the killer shotgun cartridge it resembles? This is where your pre-work training comes in.

If you are looking to power your way through your workout routine with a minimum of fuss, 4 Gauge promises to make your cruise as smooth and trouble-free as possible.  But before I continue, let me first pull back the covers to help you find out who exactly is behind 4 Gauge, what it is and what it can actually do for you.


Roar Ambition is the company that makes 4 Gauge, a pre-workout natural supplement for gym training.  It makes the product at locations both in the US and the UK. Roar Ambition has earned its name, making many other sports performance products including Instant Knockout, which just like 4 Gauge have become quickly popular.

Roar Ambition has gained FDA and GMA approval for its production sites in the UK and the US, making sure they are made to conform to the highest quality and safety standards. This may seem like a minor point, but it is actually a big deal for a company to win such a seal of approval.

These processes are your assurance of quality because the FDA checks for label, strength, quality, and purity of the ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.


Gym training or workouts are thoroughly intense and can drain you of energy fast.  To last through any and get the benefits you want, you need exceptional focus and endurance. This is where a pre-workout out supplement like 4 Gauge can be of excellent help in giving these benefits.

  • Tremendous, explosive energy: you get an impressive burst of energy from 4 Gauge to keep you going at your workout
  • Heightened mental focus: going through your routine needs you to stay alert and keep your mind from straying from the goal in front of you.  Let’s face it, we all have our bad days when you struggle to stay focused on a particular, difficult task.  4 Gauge helps you keep in great mental shape to overcome this common problem
  • Soaring levels of stamina: stamina differs subtly from energy. Stamina is what gives you the capacity to go to the end of the routine. You don’t get any energy crashes midway. Again, 4 Gauge is your perfect weapon to get this extraordinary amounts of stamina

Side effects

4 Gauge bills itself as made entirely from natural ingredients devoid of preservatives or any artificial sweeteners. That gives little room for side effects, and few to none are known to be associated with it.


4 Gauge, like your standard pre-workout supplement, comes in powder form.  You take 2 scoops per day for a serving. You can take it mixed (dissolved) with water (300 to 350 ml) or another of your any favorite drinks like fruit juice.

The company, however, says that you can safely double this amount because the product was designed to accommodate even those who want to use more. However, when starting off, its best to begin with 2 scoops to test how much your body can tolerate.

The supplement can be taken 15 minutes before workout or even longer periods of between 30-45 minutes.  The right time can differ among persons, and you are encouraged to experiment for yourself and find out what works best in your situation.


Roar Ambition isn’t one for hiding its formula, so it lays out everything in the open to help you see what you get. Each day you take two scoops of the 4 Gauge powder which gives you 14 mg of the stuff. That gives the following ingredients and dosages.

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate (6000mg)

This ingredient, an amino acid extracted from watermelons, makes your blood vessels literally widen. That allows for greater blood flow and more supply of nutrients and oxygen to the body. Although the widening of the vessels can also happen naturally, L-Citrulline DL-Malate boosts this effect because it has a nitrogen source that is vital for this effect.

With increased blood supply and nutrients to the body, muscles have the endurance to work harder and longer. Of course, fatigue eventually sets in, but this is delayed as long as possible.

The blood vessel widening (also called vasodilation) gives yet another advantage. Lactic acid which accumulates in muscles during exercise hinders your muscles from working out more. However, vasodilation helps to get rid of this buildup of lactic acid through better circulation, which gets the muscles working again. This gives you better and more prolonged workouts.

  • Creatine (1000 mg)

Creatine really burst onto the scene for the athletic community in the 1990s, after a life of quiet obscurity since the 1970s when researchers first chanced on it and discovered it was a fantastic muscle power booster. That obscurity was because steroids held the limelight only to fade to make way for this new arrival.

Even though athletes and bodybuilders greatly admire and use creatine for muscle growth, 4 Gauge adds it in its formula to do something else in addition: fighting exhaustion.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (500 mg)

This amino acid adds to the overall power of 4 Gauge to make a real workhorse out of you. It has the quality of holding off the onset of mental and physical exhaustion. That helps you go long hours without fatigue stopping you.

  • Red Beet Root Extract (300 mg)

This ingredient has pretty much the same role as L-Citrulline DL-Malate. (vasolidation and extending endurance levels of the muscle working out)

  • Caffeine and theanine

These 2 work like magic as if they were designed precisely for each other. But let’s first look at each one in turn.

Caffeine is, of course, well known as that stimulant that gets your brain going and being razor sharp.  Your alertness and focus soar to incredible heights—no wonder many brands include it, and 4 Gauge is no exception.  But 4 Gauge packs a lot less caffeine than the standard of others. At 150 mg per pill, that’s half of theirs. It is because you don’t really need all that much caffeine and less amount help those with less caffeine tolerance.

Theanine, an extract from black or green tea, helps to counteract any extreme effects of caffeine so that you will never get those awful energy crashes.

  • Coconut water

Keeps you hydrated (optimizing water levels).  It effects have been seen to very similar to energy drinks.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

Proven to be very effective in clinical studies, this European herb is excellent for fighting tiredness and depression.  It also has a rejuvenating effect on physical endurance.

Price and availability

You can get 4 Gauge at various prices which depends on the amounts that you buy. You will get more discounts based on the number of shells you buy. For example, here is a look at their prices which they currently offer

Number of Shells bought        Price                Free extra shells                     Free Shipping

1                                              $45.00             0                                                          No

2                                              $90.00             0                                                         Yes

3                                              $135.00           1                                                          Yes

(one shell will give you a week’s supply of 4 Gauge)

Free shipment is only provided for US and UK buyers.

4 Gauge ships to all countries except a few that can be found listed on the company’s website.

4 Gauge can be only be bought from the company’s website, www.4gauge.com. They don’t market or sell through third parties, so if you buy outside their official website, you are most likely being duped with a counterfeit product.


4 Gauge is yet another great product which, like Instant Knockout also from Roaring Ambition, has completely won over bodybuilders and athletes, driving them to perform great feats. It’s clear why this is so. 4 Gauge packs a smart formula that works fabulously in delivering its promise of making your workout a joy to look forward to.  I shouldn’t miss pointing out that 4 Gauge also tastes great in the mouth. Given the awful taste in some brands, this is a great thing to have as an extra, and it serves not to distract from the effectiveness of the product.

I like it also that makers of 4 Gauge did a decent amount of work in keeping the calorie content to the minimum (5 mg per serving). This helps with keeping weight low for those watching their weight or diet, and that’s a big deal.

Reviews by customers are also very positive attesting to a good experience with the product.

For any gym workout, it goes without saying that focus, drive and motivation are all critical requirements for an effective workout.  4 Gauge provides all these, and I think it can make an excellent product for you.

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