A Complete Science Bio Review 2020

Science Bio Review

Science Bio or Science.Bio is a renowned online pharmacy and a vendor that stocks and sells SARMs and other similar products.

SARMs are chemicals that come under the category of research compounds. The capabilities of SARMs in terms of improving human body performance has been proven time and again. But still, a lot of these compounds still in their investigative phases. However, since these drugs have not shown any adverse impact on the human body many of these are freely available and can be procured easily without the need for any prescription. It, therefore, becomes all the more important to ensure that you get only genuine drugs from credible online sites and pharmacies only.

In terms of regulation, you would see the OTC drugs are not so regulated than the prescription drugs. However, you still cannot rule out the possibilities or dangerous effects of prescription drugs. Even prescription drugs if not taken in the prescribed manner may lead to serious complications. And the same is true for OTC medicines as well.

SARMs are as good as over-the-counter medications and they are not so well regulated for human usage purposes at least. It is therefore essential that these drugs are brought only from renowned vendors and pharmacies.

In this piece, we will let you know why you should be buying SARMs from Science Bio along with everything else that you should be knowing about this company.

Science Bio – The Background

This company initially came into existence by the name of IRC bio. This company has already made its mark as a SARMs vendor and was immensely popular among SARMs users across the country. However, they were shut down for some time due to some non-compliance to federal drug laws and regulations that had hampered the company’s reputation badly as this vendor was very popular for its amazing customer service, fast shipping, and quality products.

But the company was meticulous enough to sort all its legal deadlocks with the federal agencies and rebranded itself as Science Bio and are now working round the clock in ensuring they are delivering the same level of quality compounds they have been known for. They have been supplying their compounds to various multinational companies, agencies, private entities, medical institutions, etc, that are engaged in developing neuroscience and geriatric medicine along with other research and investigations that involve SARMs.

Science Bio is a principle-driven company that offers compounds and drugs that are of high quality, along with reliable and fast shipping and above all an excellent level of customer service. The company understands the importance of safe packaging and as such ensures that the drugs are packed using materials of the highest quality to ensure that there is no damage in transit or after being shipped. Apart from that, the company aims at continuous improvement of its line of products to ensure that the changing requirements of the scientific research community and the manufacturers are always catered to and met.

As a matter of fact, this company is doing everything it takes to get right at the top of all. Now let us have a closer look at some other aspects of this SARM vendor in this Science Bio Review.

Science Bio – Their Website

The basic thing to look at any commercial website is the functionality and the ease of accessibility and navigation. In general terms, the overall website look and feel an important thing to ensure there are enough customer engagement and brand perception.

Upon review, I found that the company website is excellent in terms of accessibility and navigation. The website is able to interact and engage customers and is highly functional as well. The vendor has its purity standards nicely presented right on the website landing page which is a tell-tale testimony on how seriously quality standards are taken by this company.

The site has all pertinent information that you may possibly need to ensure a seamless ordering experience and more. On top of that, the dedicated FAQ section full of all the frequent queries and concerns along with detailed answers to all of them ensures that many of the doubts and concerns are addressed right at the word go.

The site also makes sure that never miss a discount offer. It lets you know how you can opt for a discount offer – such as a 10 percent bonus on subscription to a newsletter and so on and so forth. It is recommended that you keep yourself subscribed to the newsletters as this helps you in staying updated with all the new offers on existing products, new product launches, and promotions.

Science Bio – Products & Pricing

The company is not only having a good website – but they also have an exhaustive range of products that are pretty impressive as well. Their product catalog comprises of everything starting from SARMs, SERMs, nootropics, and many other chemicals that are used in scientific research. Apart from that they also stock DMAA that is an extremely potent stimulant.

Most liquid forms of SARMs that Science Bio Stocks and sells come in 30 ml bottles whereas the SARM powders are all available in the form 1000 ml bottles that equal 1 gm each.

In terms of pricing, you can say that buying your SARMs from Science Bio is a little more expensive than the typical medicine vendor in the market. For instance, for one bottle of MK-2866 (Ostarine), you will have to pay $45 with a regular vendor. Whereas the same comes at a price of $65 when you buy it from Science Bio. Those extra twenty bucks may seem to be a rip-off. However, before you think any further you must know that with Science Bio you can simply stay assured about the quality. They are the best at quality control and what you get in hand is a genuine high-quality product, nothing more or nothing less.

When we talk about quality control, it boils down to the fact that all products the company sells contain a unique quality batch number/ code that is placed after analysis by a reputed third party quality control company. The company ensures that all its products go through rigorous quality-control tests and measures to ensure that all the products produced are of the highest quality standards. As such, though the products from Science Bio are comparatively more expensive than what is being sold by other vendors – they are in fact worth every penny. And that is because of the highest order of quality and the fact that you are buying a genuine, legitimate product.

You might have come across many stories of how scammers lace the SARMs they sell with prohormones along with some other harmful compounds that can lead to multiple disorders in the body. Thankfully with Science Bio – you will never hear anything like that. All you would hear and read are the many positive reviews and from all the happy customers. Very less negative reviews and hundreds of positive outcomes and testimonies.

Science Bio – Payment Methods

It is good to have plenty of options and Science Bio realizes that. As such, it gives you a lot of options when it comes to payments. Their payment options include the following

  • Digital Currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash
  • Debit Cards
  • P2P Payment modes
  • GM Instant, e-Check
  • Visa & MasterCard accepted in international orders @ 12% fee

If you wish to avail discounts, consider making payments through one of these digital currencies as it makes you eligible for an overall 10 percent discount. If that is not feasible, the bank transfer option is the direct option that they offer. For orders outside the United States, you can use ICOINXED for processing your Visa and MasterCard payments.

Science Bio – Purchase, Shipping & Customer Service

Though Science Bio is a company based out of the United States, it still accepts orders from across the world. Their website claims that they are able to ship their biochemical drugs to any place in the world. The company tries to deliver international shipments by making three attempts. If the first one fails, the company ships the second one immediately. If the second one fails, they send the third one. If the third shipment fails they process a refund and recall the consignments shipped.

This shipping process is different from many other SARMs suppliers in the US who ship the products with a standard disclaimer that the company will not be responsible for any issues encountered with the shipment enroute your country/location. And if that is not enough, all orders more than $250 are provided with an insurance, so you can rest assured your money is safe.

Once you pay for an order, an email confirmation is sent within 3 working days with crucial tracking and other information on your order. If your order value is more than $300 you get free shipping. While in-transit you can track your orders on the courier websites from the track order page on the company website.

One of the best parts of Science Bio is their exemplary customer support team. They are highly responsive and we found that they responded in less than two hours when contacted for an order. You can contact them for any issues or questions regarding your order and their team will get back to you at the earliest. And to top it up you are nice with them you may ask for some offers and if you are lucky enough they may even issue free coupons redeemable in your future purchases. These coupons really help in getting some huge discounts on the final bill. So always ensure you have a promo code before making an order.

Final Verdict

Before I proceed with my thoughts on this SARMs vendor you can check for yourself the hundreds of positive reviews that customers across the world have left for this vendor. There are some negative ones as well but it is impossible to keep everyone happy. However, the strength of this company is exactly that – they try to satisfy every customer they get.

In my opinion – Science Bio is a company that sells and supplies SARMs that meet the quality standards of the highest order. Their products are a little expensive but worth the cost since there is no compromise on quality. Fast and Reliable shipping, excellent customer service, and unique shipping process are some of the other things that make them stand out and apart. Not to forget the 10 % discount and occasional promo codes and discounts that you can get.

So our recommendation – go ahead and buy from Science Bio without a second thought. You will be left nothing short of delighted with the experience.