A Detailed SR9011 Review

SR9011 Review

If you’ve heard about SR9009, understanding SR9011 will be very easier for you. We will not only provide all the necessary information about this supplement but will also give you a deep insight into benefits and side-effects.

This is going to very interesting so read it till the end.

You’re probably reading this article because even after trying so hard, you’re unable to achieve the ideal body. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many hours you hustle in the gym or how cleaner your diet is, a time will come when the growth of your muscles will deteriorate.

While one reason could be your diet and workout plan is not up to the mark, others can be a sign that your body needs some kind of supplementation to return back to its pace.

This is where a majority of bodybuilders look into the aspects of SARMs. The reason is, SARMs are considered most effective for muscle growth. Interestingly, it is a fact, they truly accelerate the gains.

SR9011 has gained a lot of buzz when it comes to speed up muscle growth. It claims to reduce the body fat while speeding up the gains and enhancing the endurance.

Let’s see how much right or wrong these claims are!

What Is SR9011?

First and foremost, SR9011 is not a SARM as most of the people think of it.

It is actually a drug which comes under a group known as Rev-Erba agonist. It is also known as Hyper Lean 2.0.

Basically, Rev-Erba is a kind of protein that is found in the brain, liver, adipose tissue and the skeletal muscles. This protein plays a crucial role in the vital functions like regulating inflammatory response, balancing glucose metabolism and lipid and regulating circadian rhythm etc.

The drug SR9011 is discovered by a team of scientists led by Prof. Thomas Burris at the Scripps Research Institute. They discovered this amazing supplement while working on a drug could be able to adjust the body clock by holding the Rev-ErbA protein.

The important thing that forced these scientists to work on this drug is the fact that any compound that can affect the functioning of the Rev-ErbA protein directly impacts the muscle growth, endurance and strength.

During the research, a number of animal studies using SR9011 have shown positive results. Majority of the animals have shown an incredible increase in endurance, lowered body fat levels and enhanced muscles.

The studies were carried out on a group of mice. When they’ve given the dosage of SR9011, the outcomes were about 50% faster running ability while taking into account the distance and time taken.

According to Professor Thomas Burris, the mice have also developed athlete-like muscles. After some time, their muscles transformed into the muscles resembling those of seasoned athletes.

To know about something, it is important to understand how it works. With that said, let’s see how SR9011 works.

As noted above, SR9011 is a drug from the Rev-ErbA agonist group. It enhances the working of Rev-ErbA proteins like regulating glucose and lipid metabolism, monitoring the energy expenditure as well as getting rid of damaged and dead cells.

In order to achieve the prime functionality, our body works on a 24-hour cycle which is known as the circadian rhythm. This functionality is controlled by the loop mechanism. Further, the loop mechanism controls the relevant genes by turning them on/off.

In general, the Rev-ErbA protein impacts the circadian rhythm by turning off BMAL1 which is among the primary genes which are responsible for regulating circadian rhythm.

The animal studies using SR9011 have resulted in the following outcomes :

1.Better intake of oxygen

2.An incredible reduction in the production of fat cells.

3. A decent improvement in mitochondria count.

4. Significant reduction in the amount of fat reserved in adipose tissue.

5. A significant reduction in cholesterol as well as bile juiced inside lever.

6. Incredible improvement in absorption rates of fatty acids and glucose in the muscles.

These excellent results are clearly showing the effectiveness of SR9011.

If you’re into bodybuilding, you should better know that a crash diet and heavy lifting alone can’t help you in building a leaner and cleaner body. There is a lot more you need to supply to your body. Also, with better strength and improved endurance, you will be able to carry out your workout routine with full zest. Further, SR9011 also results in better recovery and sleep.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t get the right amount of sleep, the natural testosterone and your growth hormones begin to fluctuate which results in poor recovery and growth. Therefore, your body requires enough sleep to start with its recovery and healing process. In the absence of it, your body feels lethargic and lowered in energy levels and also becomes prone to injuries while working out.

In essence, SR9011 impacts the circadian rhythm by providing you with up to 12 hours of energy. This doesn’t leave you with any other option rather than sleeping and putting your body into a recovery process.

This basically helps you to hustle in the gym with full focus and dedication and then get enough rest. Know that, SR9011 helps you to burn fat even while you sleep. This eventually results in maximum gains and better recovery.

Benefits Of SR9011

SR9011 provides the following advantages :

1- Increased Rate Of Fat Burning

Firstly things first, SR9011 enhances fat burning process. It basically burns fat in two ways. First, it increases the energy expenditure rate while turning off the relevant genes that increase the absorption of glucose. Further, it forces the body to use stored fat as fuel. Hence, it results in fat break-down.

Secondly, SR9011 significantly improves the production of mitochondria. The increased number of mitochondria then results in higher metabolism which further helps to heal while you’re sleeping. Also, SR9011 does not impact your insulin levels.

According to the animal studies, mice who have given SR9011 have lost 60% more weight than those who are not given any drug.

2- Enhanced Endurance

The key benefit of SR9011, it increases endurance by pushing your body to extended limits for a longer duration. As you already know, cardio is the best way to improve endurance and stamina. SR9011 helps you to improve your cardio session by allowing you to maintain high-intensity training for a longer time than your capacity. Thus, you can take most out of your cardio session.

3-Helps In Developing Lean Muscle

A thing to remember, SR9011 thrillingly increases the fat burning rates. This helps you in achieving lean muscles. As per the experts, when you take SR9011 along with other muscle building supplements like Ligandrol, you can gain a lot of lean muscles dramatically over a short period of time.

SR9011 is also effective in preventing muscle loss. It is an important factor for bodybuilders with sarcopenia. So, it basically means you can build muscles as well as protect them from any loss.

4- Significantly Reduces The Cholesterol Levels

SR9011 is very effective in reducing bad cholesterols such as LDL and triglycerides. It also helps you to maintain good cholesterol like HDL.

What’s better than improving your overall health along with building a lean physique!

5-Regulates The Circadian Rhythm

SR9011 makes sure that you stay active all day long. It helps you to kick off the feeling of tiredness and fatigue which further helps you to give better performance and focus on the workout. After 12 hours of hustle, it lefts you with no other option than have a much-required sleep for a speedy recovery.

6-Promotes Faster As Well As Better Recovery

SR9011 effectively reduces inflammation and tissue damage. Although it reduces the chances of getting injured, it promotes better recovery.

Side Effects Of SR9011

So far so good, SR9011 hasn’t resulted in any kind of side effects till now. Not a single user has complained about the adverse effects or problems after using this supplement. It is completely safe to use according to users. However, it should only be used after doctor’s recommendation to avoid any kind of potential risks such as insomnia and lethargy. So, use it with proper knowledge and advice.

As far as the dosage is concerned, it should be taken an hour before working out for effective results.

SR9011 has a short life, which means it will do its job and will leave your system. In a matter of just 4 hours, your body will have no traces of this compound.

In this way, it helps to boost your energy to work out consistently.

For the individuals using it for the first time, should begin with a dose of 5mg per day. The dosage can be increased up to 50 mg in a single day. This limit should not be increased for the beginners as well as the prominent users.


With the advancements in science and the efforts of scientists results in great discoveries like SR9011.

We have provided you with all the information related to SR9011. We can assume that you have understood the product well and know its uses and benefits. You can go for this product if you want to build better muscles and improve endurance. However, consider taking expert advice before using it.