Anavar Overview

In a world of performance enhancing drugs, some compounds have attained some mythical status. They have come to be labeled as the most powerful anabolic steroids of all times. But when you start using the results gained in such steroids as a benchmark to judge all the other steroids available in the market, you will end up underrating some of them.

There is a lot of gibberish information being floated on different messaging boards regarding Anavar, so much that anybody new on steroids might think that Anavar is worthless. As a matter of fact, these statements are very far from the truth. The truth is, Anavar is one of the most powerful steroids that gives its users some of the neatest results ever. The steroid can even be used in a standalone cycle. It can shine even better if it is stacked with a muscle mass building compound such as testosterone.

What is Anavar

Anavar is a DHT derived anabolic steroid that is enhanced with two molecular structures that increase its potency and bioavailability. It is classified as a C17-AA steroid and is ingested orally. The G.D Searle Company first introduced the steroid in the year 1969 for treating patients who required significant weight loss, extended exposure to corticosteroids, bone loss caused by osteoporosis and other conditions. It was, however, blacklisted by the FDA in the year 1989 together alongside other substances during the worldwide crackdown on steroids.

After a few years, the Bio-Technology Corp, which is now referred to as the Savient Ltd, acquired the licensing rights to the drug and this resulted to the prices of the commodity going over the roof. Although there are a lot of manufacturers who have taken up the production of this product’s counterfeits, Anavar remains as one of the most expensive steroids in the world today. This might be the reason why the drug is not very popular. Why would anyone pay an arm and a leg for a product while there is a more effective alternative available at far much less anyway? The only problem with this alternative comes when the side effects are mentioned. Anavar is, therefore, the most viable enhancement supplement by far.

Half-Life and dosage

Anavar has a half-life of 8 hours, so it has to be taken two times in a day to maintain optimum levels of the substance. Men users are advised to take between 40mg to 50mg every day for a 12 weeks cycle. Women can take 10mg per day and increase the dosage gradually but not exceed 25mg per day. Users are also advised to take the substance together with grapefruit as it increases its bioavailability and prevents the drug from being metabolized by the user’s intestines. It is also wise to take the drug after a meal so that you can minimize the chances of getting a stomach upset later on.

Benefits of Anavar

The potency of Anavar stands at three times more than natural testosterone, making it almost as strong as Dianabol or Trenbolone in relation to its mass-building capacities. However, some users set some unrealistic goals with an Anavar only cycle, yet as we saw earlier, the substance works best if used with a testosterone supplement. If used correctly, Anavar presents the following benefits:

  • Mass gaining

As I mentioned earlier, Anavar is a DHT derived anabolic steroid. Therefore, you can expect to notice gradual muscle mass gains while using the steroid. Unfortunately, the substance is not very effective if used on its own, and for this reason, you will not find most people using it on a standalone cycle, especially male users. The most amazing feature about Anavar is its surprisingly low androgenic rating, which stands at 25%. This means that all the muscle gained from using this product will be purely lean and dry, with no water retention or fat deposits. These moderate gains are also very easily held in case the user goes off training and workouts, as compared to large gains which wear off very fast if the user slows down on their workout vigor. Anavar also works very well on women users.

  • Cutting

Let’s say for example, that you are stuck in a calorie deficit which triggers something referred to as the domino effect that results to complete loss of muscles. No matter how much you try to stick on a healthy diet to maintain your macros and adequately fuel your body, your body will still find a way to cannibalize your hard earned muscles eventually. Anavar can help you prevent this. As a matter of fact, the substance will accelerate your fat loss process and give you that lean, hard, and ripped look.

  • Increased Strength

This is one of the most underrated effects that come from using Anavar. Of course, the gains will not be so much that the steroid can be compared with other much stronger steroids such as Trenbolone or Dianabol, but you will notice a surge in strength that will enable you to lift better during workouts.

  • Increased Endurance

Anavar also accelerates the rate at which your muscles heal and recover after a workout so that you can endure longer workout sessions.

Looking at all these benefits that come with using Anavar, you can see that the steroid can be as good as the rest, but it needs an extra testosterone boost to give you the best results possible.

Side effects of Anavar

It is claimed that Anavar is a friendly steroid. This is a very misguiding statement. No one steroid does not have side effects. All anabolic steroids pose several risks to its users, but it will depend on how well the user understands the compounds present in the steroids and the measures taken to curb these side effects. Some of the most common side effects that come from using Anavar include:

Testosterone Suppression

Anavar will suppress your body’s ability to produce testosterone by up to 50% naturally. If you are taking high dosages that exceed 75mg per day, the suppression levels are also higher and can go up to 80%. PCT with Clomid and Nova is therefore recommended.


During the cycle, your liver performance values will also be fluctuating from time to time. Fortunately, Anavar is a C17-AA steroid meaning that the stress on your liver will be minimal. A liver supplement should also be added during your cycle. If you do this, you should be fine unless you abuse the drug or use other substances such as alcohol alongside it.


Anavar also suppresses the good cholesterol in your system by 30% while increasing the bad cholesterol by 50%. If your lipid profile reading is not so good, you are advised to stay away from any steroid.

The price of Anavar

Anavar is one of the most expensive steroids distributed and sold by underground labs. You should, however, be very careful while buying the drug online because most of the substances paraded online under the name Anavar are counterfeit. It is not hard to imagine why this is so. One pill goes for as much as $4. Therefore make sure that your source is trustworthy.

If you are targeting to gain a lot of muscle mass at the end of an Anavar cycle, it would be wise to stack Anavar with another testosterone supplement or mass building compound so that you can realize actual results. However, if your target is body recomposition, where even the slightest gains will make a difference, you are good with just a standalone cycle of Anavar.

Comparison of Anavar to other anabolic steroids

Anavar is considered to be a fairly safe steroid, possessing qualities that exhibit relatively mild side effects. The tradeoff of the steroid comes when you expect the steroid to accelerate your muscle mass buildup where the results will be relatively low as compared to the results gotten after using one of the stronger steroids such as Dianabol. The good news is that, although Anavar produces low results, the gains are quality and with no fluid buildup, as is the case with the stronger steroids. The gains are pure muscle, which will be much easier to retain even after your cycle is complete.


Based on its quality and the information that we have already gotten from looking at how it works, Anavar can be very effective if stacked with other testosterone supplements. The benefits that would be realized from this substance are obvious, and the overall anabolic properties of the steroid minimize the possibility of osteogenic and androgenic side effects.

The preferable choices that work best when stacked with Anavar are trenbolone and Primobolan.

Generally, Anavar is considered to be a safe anabolic steroid possessing qualities that have been proven to produce very little side effects. Remember that a post cycle therapy is a must after you have completed your Anavar cycle.

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