Primobolan Overview

You might have been looking at advertisements on the internet or banners that display men with amazing body builds after allegedly using a certain type of steroid. Well, surprisingly, the adverts tell the truth. Athletes and bodybuilders all over the world have been using steroids for the longest time now to enhance their muscle mass buildup and to get that well-toned and ripped look with just a little effort on workouts and a very short time. The only thing that you will not see in these adverts are the side effects that these people had to bear with to achieve that look. In this post, we are going to discuss Primobolan, One of the steroids that you can use to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

What is Primobolan

Commonly referred to as methenolone, Primobolan is a synthetic type of testosterone, that is available in two variations, namely, methenolone ethanate and methenolone acetate. Women bodybuilders are especially fond of this steroids because most of the other steroids are restricted for use by women due to harsh side effects. Primobolan is very effective at controlling the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen.

It is available in both injectable and oral forms. The steroid is a DJT based drug that was developed back in the year 1962. It is mainly used in the cutting phase as it is very reactive when combined with the aromatase enzyme. Although women bodybuilders mostly prefer the steroid because of its key specification, it still presents the same side effects like the other steroids, only that it is gentler on female users as compared to the rest. The acetate form of the steroid is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, but it has a very short life span. On the other hand, the ethantate form is absorbed much slower, but its effects tend to last longer in the bloodstream.

History of Primobolan

Back in the 60s and 70s, The use of Primobolan was well famed all over the world as the easiest way to achieve good and attractive features both in the cutting and bulking cycles since most bodybuilders thought that their efforts were totally fruitless or very slow without any enhancing substance. Although its popularity was still at the peak through the 70s, especially since it was known to be the favorite steroid used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, its popularity slowly started dropping due to claims that the products were highly overpriced and that other manufacturers were producing much better products at a relatively lower price. Trenbolone, another effective steroid started to gain fame due to its affordability.

Unfortunately, by this time, most countries had already started the ban on steroids and the two steroids cold only be accessed off a few American markets which were approved by the FDA. Bodybuilders who were used to taking steroids that were high in both androgen and estrogen compounds still sought after Primobolan as their primary choice. In the medical field, Primobolan steroid was used to counter the effects of osteoporosis and to gently reduce weight in patients who needed to lose extra pounds as a medical procedure.

How the steroid works

As I mentioned above, Primobolan is preferred by most athletes and bodybuilders due to its mild effects as compared to other steroids in the same category. Because of its metenolone features, the steroid is said to be gentler and exhibits lesser side effects. It is ingested through both injection and oral methods, but both of them are meant to deliver the drug straight into the bloodstream. The variation of both forms of the steroid is responsible for the speed at which the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream, which mimics the effect that the testosterone has in the body, while at the same time featuring both anabolic and androgenic traits. It enhances the gaining of progestational features in the bodies of bodybuilders and athletes.

Benefits of Primobolan

Primobolan cycle has the following benefits

  • During the cutting cycle, Primobolan is very effective at burning the body’s stored fat and converting it into usable energy for exercises and workouts.
  • It preserves the lean body muscles
  • It increases the levels of nitrogen retention in the body, which facilitates the ideal constant balance of positive nitrogen and the synchronization of the new and strong muscle tissue.
  • Primobolan also prevents the wastage of muscle effectively because of its anti-catabolic features
  • It increases the T-cells count, which will, in turn, boost the immunity of the user through increasing white blood cells.

The side effects of Primobolan

Primobolan is associated with several possible risks, especially when the recommended dosage is exceeded. These risks include:

Hair Loss: If there is hereditary hair loss in your family line, Primobolan will quicken the effect such that you will lose hair more and faster than anybody else who is also using the steroid. This is because of the androgenic feature of the steroid, which accelerates hair growth and hair loss in its users. Studies show that after completing one cycle of Primobolan, you will have lost half of your hair.

Damage to the Liver: The reason why I mentioned that the recommended dosage should be strictly followed is that when Primobolan is taken orally, it directly affects the liver tissues because it accelerates the production of protein in the body, which will severely damage the liver. However, if it is taken in moderation from time to time, the effects on the liver will be less severe.

Inhibits the menstruation cycles: Although this steroid is the most viable choice for women, it poses the risk of the menstruation cycles of the users coming to a complete stop.

Hirsutism: This is a condition that increases male characteristics in women especially abnormal hair growth all over the body, particularly on the face


Most people opt to take Primobolan in the pill form. Primobolan can be used by both men and women. However, the dosages recommended for each gender varies. For men, they are instructed to take between 50-70 milligrams daily, that is for regular men, but for those men who have some extra strong, active bodies, the recommended dosage is 100-150 milligrams. With women, it doesn’t really matter how active or physically strong they are, the standard dosage is 25-50 milligrams per day

The price

There are a few factors that determine the price of Primobolan. One of the factors is the source. It is available online on sites that are closely monitored so that only the correct amounts will be sold to one particular person. The pricing on every website is also different, and they are clearly put up for customers to consider the most cost-efficient ones. The price range for Primobolan is usually between 105$ and 230$. The Oral variety Primobolan may become a little difficult to come across because it is highly in demand. Primobolan is available in drug stores. The prices, however, may vary because drug stores are of different categories. Quality Primobolan, which is available in the higher rated sores, can be quite pricey compared to the one available in lower rated drug stores. Conclusion It is always recommended for a person to do critical research before purchasing any substance that may affect the normal functioning of the body. Before using Primobolan, individuals ought to consult with their physicians for the necessary check-ups and confirmations, it is important to note that Primobolan causes damage to internal organs such as the liver and therefore it should be used with caution. Although the product can be used by both men and women, the assigned dosage for each group should be noted and applied as advised.


When weighing between the pros and cons of using this product, it is evident that the cons outweigh the pros. The cons are mostly due to the direct health complications that may arise from using Primobolan. In the end, it all comes down to what an individual wants and how they would like to look like. The length of time that one uses this substance, and the quantity that they apply on themselves will determine the severity of the effects.

To ensure that it brings the desired effect on the body, details concerning how it is stored and used should be followed. The appropriate temperature for storage is room temperature away from light and in a dry place. 

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