How to pick the Best fat Burner

Without a doubt, you have come across an advert talking about a product that is supposed to make you drop all the unwanted fat, in just a few days, but have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of these products? You will be surprised to realize that only a few of these hotly marketed products actually work. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top three most effective and bestselling fat burners in 2019. We are going to look at the benefits of each, the ingredients, and the possible side effects that each may present.

1.      Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a fat burning supplement formulated with 10 natural fat burning ingredients that help your body to burn fat gradually, will little or no side effects. Not all the ingredients contained in this product work for the purpose of fat burning. The product was initially intended to help athletes, especially mixed martial arts fighters and boxers to shed pout excess body fat faster. It is a formula that helps then shed the extra weight and get ripped without having to worry about portioned eating or losing energy or stamina. The product’s benefits to the athletes include:

  •  Synergistic look: just looking at the results of the product will make you realize that the product was well thought for
  • Appetite suppression; Must fat burning products bank on fiber intake. Instant Knockout does not.
  • More than just a fat burning supplement: it is an added performance booster with lots of caffeine.  


The main ingredients making up instant knockout supplements are three, but the total composition of the capsules is made up of more than ten ingredients. In this post, we are going to look at the three main ingredients specified by the manufacturer.

1.      Green tea extract: there is a lot of positive documentation about the benefits of green tea extracts. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania where they were gauging the effect of green tea on lab mice with high-fat diets, the conclusion was that the mice exhibited up to 27.1% body mass reduction and 36% abdominal fat reduction after a short while. The mice that did not take green tea extracts showed no changes.

2.      Cayenne Pepper: this is yet another product that is becoming trendy in the market, especially for weight loss purposes. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is the most active compound in chili peppers. According to some research, capsaicin may even have potential effects that work to improve vascular and metabolic health.

3.      Glucomannan: this is a dietary fiber that absorbs water when ingested to make the user feel fuller for longer. It is claimed to curb hunger and promote satiety.

The other additional ingredients contained the Instant Knockout supplements include caffeine, chromium, piperine, zinc, green coffee beans, vitamins B6, and B12.

Side effects

In most users, Instant Knockout is very well tolerated by their body systems. However, not everybody is built strongly enough for such high-performance ingredients. Cayenne powder, when in raw form, is associated with a burning or hot sensation in the stomach. The 300mg caffeine dosage, on the other hand, may carry some typical stimulant side effects such as irritability, aggression, and jitters. Below are some of the recorded side effects from regular users:

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness

2. Transparent Labs

Transparent labs is a company that specialized in the production of enhancement supplements designed specifically for athletes and people who may be seeking to lose weight. They also offer stacked supplements for users who are looking for products that will take them the extra mile. From their website, they claim that all their products are made using 100% natural ingredients. Among their fat burners, is the Fat Burner Thermogenic Dietary Supplements. The company makes the following general claims regarding its brand:

  • 100% natural ingredient transparency
  • Scientifically researched ingredients
  • Ingredients used at very precise dosages for maximum effectiveness
  • Promotes weight loss and quickens metabolism
  • Reduces cravings
  • Makes weight loss experience an enjoyable and motivating journey.

Transparent labs ingredients

The company claims that all their ingredients are 100% natural and are backed up by scientific researches. These ingredients include:

L-Carnitine: this is one of the most widely sought after product for fat burning and performing other enhancement purposes as well as recovery. It is an amino acid that works best in supplying fatty acids to all the body parts which would later be oxidized as the body fuel, instead of being stored. The product also facilitates enhancement and the body’s recovery process. In simple terms. The L-Carnitine’s main role is releasing the stored fat o the body into the bloodstream to be used as energy.

Coleus Root PE extract; Coleus Forskolin is a plan in the mind family, containing a very vital active compound, which works by significantly increasing the cellular level of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (CAMP). An increase in CAMP is similar to an increase in epinephrine, which is very effective in increasing fat oxidation.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous: Caffeine controls your hunger pangs by tricking your brain that your stomach is full, preventing you from craving food. If also encourages body activity by accelerating your energy levels and improving attentiveness. As a potent stimulant, caffeine forces your body to burn the extra fat so that they can be used as energy. Transparent labs products contain carefully calculated amounts of caffeine that are safe for your body.

Citrus Aurantium fruit extract: this ingredient, in other terms, is referred to as bitter lemon and is usually consumed as a stimulant which also improves your energy levels. It is also a very effective appetite suppressant and also contributes to increasing your body’s metabolic rate. It has also been proven the closes compound that matches the effects of Ephedra, which is very thorough in improving thermogenesis and suppressing appetite. However, unlike Ephedra, this compound increases the metabolic rate suppresses appetite and breaks down fat without resulting in any side effects.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne pepper extract is an occurring a thermogenic compound found in chilly spices like paprika and red peppers. Through raising of the body temperature, the compound increases the body’s thermogenesis, which in turn will increase the fat burning and converting it into energy process. Additionally, the compound reduces overall cholesterol levels and supports the heart’s health. According to studies, this compound also improves blood circulation.

Side effects

There is no clear record of the most expected side effects that comes from using transparent lab products. However, some customers have recorded the following side effects:

  • Dizziness and nervousness
  • Sleeping disorders and insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches

3.  Burn HD

Burn HD is a weight loss supplement to help support your weight loss goals. It perfectly fits into the fat burner category. The label on the bottle of this product says that there are a lot of benefits that you should expect from taking this product. But before looking at the benefits, you should first look at the ingredients which are the first step to determine the effectiveness of the drug. The ingredient list provided by the manufacturer of Burn HD is pretty small. They include

  • Green tea extract
  • Meratrim
  • Chromium
  • Natural Caffeine

Although the ingredient list is very small, there are some customers who have shown concern regarding the inclusion of Meratrim in the list above. There are others who are a bit cautious about buying the product because it is obvious that the manufacturer has only listed the names of the ingredients and their value or dosage of each.

The reason why some experts advise against buying products that contain Meratrim is that it is a propriety blend. Am not also fan propriety blends myself.

Side effects

Most of the modern workout and sports supplement do not have any side effects and are considered to be very safe will little to no side effects at all. The only thing that you should be really concerned about with the Burn HD is that it contains a 75mg dose of caffeine for every serving. It is therefore advisable not to take the supplement near bedtime because it can mess up your sleep. This also reflects the point I mentioned earlier that you should always look at the ingredient list before purchasing a supplement. Additionally, if you are a newbie in this field of supplements, you should always consult your doctor before starting a cycle.


So that wraps up our dietary supplement spotlight. We can conclude that all the three products are okay, although they might seem to be very different. The only issue that lets us down from the three of them is the inclusion of Meratrim as an ingredient in one of the products. Other than that, all three are very effective and safe to use if used in the right measurements. Remember the fact that all the three are safe to use does not mean that they are also safe to abuse. Any substance can be very harmful if taken carelessly.

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