• 2.3 million people in the UK know they have diabetes
  • A further 750,000 have diabetes, but don't yet know it
  • By the time they are diagnosed, half will already have complications

The EarlyBird Diabetes Study

So-called 'adult' diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and is now beginning to affect teenagers and children. That is why 300 schoolchildren and their families are taking part in the EarlyBird Diabetes Study - to find out what happens in childhood that can lead to the development of diabetes in later life.

We are already learning some of the early causes of diabetes and obesity in children. Without such knowledge, any benefits of our good intentions in adding fruit to the lunch-box or prescribing two hours of PE a week are simply unknown.

If we do nothing, one in five of today's children will get diabetes in their lifetime.


The EarlyBird Group

The EarlyBird Diabetes Trust

Medical research at the highest international level is expensive and the Trust has been formed to ensure that all 12 years of the study are properly funded.

We also ensure that our incredibly valuable 300 children and their families are well looked after.

The Trust also promotes the study locally and nationally. Now entering its twelfth year, EarlyBird has made substantial impact - BBC Radio 4 through to Time Magazine and The Economist as well as numerous medical journals