Andarine SARMS: Is This The Most Powerful SARM Choice For You?

What is Andarine?

Andarine is a member of the famed group of chemical compounds called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). SARMs are drugs or supplements which hit the market in a craze not too many years ago. Basically, they were needed given the falling career of anabolic steroids, another class of compounds whose otherwise astonishing power was giving mixed and sometimes fatal results.

Searching the SARMs market for a good product, however, is not for the faint-hearted. This market is literally tipping over with choices and wrong information which can leave you feeling dizzy and confused about what to do next.

Are SARMs really good for you for your bodybuilding and fitness goals as claimed? And is Andarine-one of the premier SARMs in this category-a good choice for you? Read on because by the end of this article and find out the answers for this and more.


Gtx Laboratories is the developer of Andarine, which it has extensively researched to find out its ability to treat osteoporosis (bone weakening and fracturing), Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and muscle wasting (muscle atrophy). Human trials had gone through Phase I and yielded promising results.

However, more clinical research has never been published, and it seems Gtx called off additional investigations into Andarine. The reason has never been clear, but it seemed Gtx switched to researching Ostarine, another SARM compound which has become very popular.

Andarine, however, remains alive in the bodybuilding and athletic circles where it is valued for its performance enhancement power.


Andarine ranks as one of the most powerful SARMS, and some have even compared it to Winstrol, the powerful anabolic steroid. This is because Andarine comes with an exceptionally high anabolic power.

Bodybuilders who choose Andarine can expect to benefit in the following ways.

 No bloating or water retention: Some SARMS do this, but fortunately, in Andarine, you have an option that neatly avoids it.

No hair loss or men’s boobs: despite the reputation of SARMS of not causing the side effects associated with anabolic steroids, some SARMS will still give you these effects though to a lesser extent. Fortunately, Andarine is not one of them; you will not get men’s boobs or hair loss for example

Gives you amazing strength: Andarine can send your strength levels soaring. Two weeks into your workout or gym routine you will notice yourself performing exceptionally well at even the hardest tasks

Provide huge muscle mass gains:  these results are noticeable almost immediately, usually just in a few weeks.

You keep your muscle gains: Andarine lets you preserve your muscle gains even after the cycle

Can help you to shed off fat.

Acts fast and gives you results in a short time. Andrine’s high potency even in small doses combined with the high bioavailability means it will get you fast results in a short time. This happens in just weeks.

Bone density improvement: You will see an increase in bone density and the prevention of bone loss using Andarine.

Has a high bioavailability: it boasts an almost 100% absorption by your system making sure you maximize on the benefits you get

Ideal also for women: Andarine has minimal to no impact on the sex organs since it has high tissue selectivity targeting only androgen receptors in bone and muscle. Therefore it will not cause issues like women having beards, for example.

Andarine also gives a very dry, hard muscle which gives aesthetic beauty that can get you a  winning edge perfect for contests. This is the result of no water retention. Many bodybuilders include Andarine during the close of a cutting cycle to acquire this polished finish to their physique.

Side effects

Compared with other SARMS, Andarine has much fewer and milder side effects.

Causes yellow vision – Andarine appears to bind to your eye receptors, something only is seen in Andarine and not other SARMS. This suggests a slightly different mechanism through which Andarine works.  The yellow vision is seen in some people more than in others, and it appears mostly at night. Night vision also will seem weak. This problem is also dose-dependent meaning you are more likely to see it a lot with higher doses. Fortunately, it is temporary and will go away once you stop using Andarine.

Andarine will also cause testosterone suppression so you will need to do PCT

A few people have also felt depression


Andarine is a very potent compound even in minute amounts.  This should not surprise us since it has high anabolic action. (90:1 anabolic ratio)

A dose of between 25 mg and 75 mg per day is often recommended.  The half-life of Andarine is the shortest among the SARMS. It is between 4 to 6 hours. For this reason, it is best to have many splits of this dose e.g., about 3 or 4 splits per day to maximize the benefits.

It is usually advised that when you’re just starting, you should gradually increase your dosage from a low of 20mg per day. This helps you to gauge your body’s response, and you can adjust.

Stacking option

If you want phenomenal lean muscle gains in a stunningly short time, try stacking Andarine with LGD-4033. This will go at Andarine dosages of between 20 and 25 mg combined with 5 to 10 mg of Ligandrol.

For preserving your muscle gains, especially if you have a calorie deficit, you can stack with Ostarine or Cardarine.

However, users should note that Andarine is so strong that in most cases, it can stand on its own without stacking.

The action of SARMS and Andarine

To understand the working of SARMS in general and Andarine in particular, we need to think receptors!

We have millions of receptors scattered all over the body (they reside on the surface of our body cells, protruding out like feelers).  One group of these receptors called androgenic receptors are wired to receive and respond only to androgens (sex hormones like testosterone) which get attached to them.

But how do the testosterone get to the receptors? Well, your circulating blood is swarming with testosterone (and other hormones), so sooner or later they will hit those cells and find the receptors.

Once they bind on to those receptors, things work great from here because they can instruct the cell through the receptor to do or perform some special things like cause the cell to multiply even more (e.g., like telling muscle cells to grow more cells, so we get bigger muscle)

The beauty of SARMS like Andarine is that they can pretend to be testosterone by also hooking onto these androgenic receptors and telling them to get things done like getting more muscle mass or greater bone density—just the way testosterone does. 

This is crucial when our natural testosterone is no longer being produced in enough amounts. This happens to all of us as we age, setting the stage for bad things like muscle wasting, reduced libido, baldness, mental fogginess, and depression. So Andarine can take up the slack and make sure we continue having these benefits of testosterone.

Anabolic steroids, which also attach to receptors, were magnificent and powerful in that they worked to transform the body to make giant leaps in muscle gain, strength, and stamina in a very short time.

However, SARMS (and Andarine) knocks outs them in one area: they give you fewer side effects because they are selective on which androgenic receptors to target. Steroids go all over the body, switching on things they shouldn’t be switching on, like causing women to get beards or making men grow large boobs like women. SARMS will zoom in only on a few receptors, like those found in muscle or bone while leaving out everything else.

What’s does Andarine contain?

The main component inside Andarine’s is a compound known as bicalutamide.  Its action is mainly to block the androgen receptors that are targeted by testosterone and DHT.


  • Ideal for bulking, cutting and de-comping
  • Its side effects are mild or fewer compared to other SARMS


  • No more research is being done on Andarine. This is a problem because our knowledge of its advantages and more importantly—its dangers, will remain limited.
  • Has not been certified by the FDA as safe for use. This makes its sale illegal, including by vendors online.
  • Sports agencies like the World Anti-Doping Agency (WACA) have banned it for sporting.


Andarine has many proven benefits that come handy for any gym enthusiast or bodybuilder. Its insane bioavailability makes sure that you will gain tremendous strength, stamina, and muscle mass all coupled with fat shedding, which is exactly what we want as bodybuilders.  Like other SARMs, it cuts out the health risks that you typically run when you use steroids.

However, the fact that research into it has been given up is a concern. Users who choose to use it should strictly keep to the recommended dosage to avoid side effects. Otherwise, there are also many other safer alternatives to try, such as natural supplements with comparable benefits.

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