What are the Best SARMS for Bulking?

Introduction to the Best SARMS for Bulking

For any bodybuilder or those wanting to rev up their physical performance, bulking is an essential part of their journey to success. Yet nothing is harder to accomplish, it takes grueling effort to make it, and the path to that desired dream physique is often riddled with shattered dreams. So it is always a  great thing for aspiring  (or even veteran) bodybuilders if they can get any help that can get them there faster and more easily.

For a long time, the answer was anabolic steroids. They got you fantastic results in record time.  But these steroids soon got a bad name for their capacity to cause irreversible harm on the body including destroying your liver, causing cancer or simply killing you. Just when a sense of hopelessness was settling in, help soon came from unexpected quarters. 

Enter SARMS, the shortened name for Selector Androgen Receptor Modulators. This powerful new class of compounds promised to deliver all the benefits of steroids without their depressing downsides. They didn’t quite give you all the power of steroids, but they provided you a happy middle ground. 

However the market (and internet forums where myths proliferate) quickly got awash with dozens of SARMS, all vying for attention. It’s a perfect storm which begs the question: out of all this clutter, what are the best  SARMS which bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts should opt for?

In this article, I am going to give you my list of the top best performing SARMS for bulking in the market right now. But before I do so, let me first tell you a few things about SARMS.

What Are SARMS?

SARMS are substances that first got into the scene in the therapeutic field, treating many diseases, just like their cousins, the steroids.

They were superb in that, unlike anabolic steroids, they had the quality of only going for androgen receptors in your bones and muscle. (that’s what Select in the name refers to )

Great, because that left many other things like your liver,  prostate and other tissues untouched and intact. That’s the reason you get much fewer unwelcome side effects from SARMS compared to steroids.

But to understand SARMS you need to understand a bit about how steroids work to know why eventually they had to be ditched in favor of SARMS.

When Steroids still reigned

Steroids are simply artificial compounds whose function is to perform the same role as testosterone in your body. They were needed because of the testosterone deficiency men usually get as they got older.

For those wanting to cling to their manhood for as long as possible (which include bodybuilders of course!), steroids were your perfect or obvious answer.

Steroids do their job in the body as messenger substances by signaling androgen receptors in your body  to do certain things  (like signaling muscle cell receptors to make more muscle or causing your voice box cell receptors to tell your voice box to enlarge  thus deepening your voice)

Steroids did a terrific job at this, but that also came with horrific consequences.

They gave you such things as permanent baldness, men’s boobs (gynaecomastia or large breasts),  cardiovascular disease, liver dysfunction, prostate cancer, or even death.

The list of awful things went on and on, giving you a poor bargain. So the hunt was soon on for something better.  That something better soon came when we hit the goldmine in the form of SARMS.

How SARMS work

SARMS work pretty much the same way as steroids except that they only target androgen receptors in the bones and muscles.  That leaves everything else untampered with, a sort of a dream come true.

For example, SARMS will only signal muscles cells receptors to grow more muscle or bone receptors to add more bone density, but they won’t signal your prostate to enlarge or your follicle to shed off causing baldness.

Now that you know what SARMS are,  I am going to tell you the top four SARMS for bulking.

The Top Four Bulking SARMS

  • Ostarine

Developed by Gtx,  Ostarine, would come first in my list because it has the best balance between the benefits and downsides. It may not be as potent as the other SARMS, but it also comes with almost zero side effects. This makes it a great choice, especially for beginners who do not want something too harsh.  Ostarine’s power is not be underestimated though, and in fact, Ostarine is one of the greatest favorites of the bodybuilding circuit, including veterans.

A very early pioneer among the SARMS, Ostarine is actually the best researched SARMS for which we have ample clinical data regarding effectiveness in humans.

Bodybuilders who used it in a 12-week cycle gained an impressive 3.6 kg of muscle taking 25 mg per day as one study showed.

One of Ostarine’s best strengths is that you can keep the muscle gains virtually permanently. It typically does not need PCT (Post  Cycle Therapy) because there’s usually no testosterone suppression post cycle.

  • Ligandrol

Ligandrol, one of the newest SARMS,  is actually one of the best bulking options available right now. If you want incredible lean muscle gains, this would be your best choice. Ligandrol’s potency actually surpasses Ostarine as attested to even by the dosages needed. For example, a 3-15 mg daily dose of Ligandrol packs the same strength of muscle building as a 25-36 mg daily dose of Ostarine.

Ligandrol, produced by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, has been used in the therapeutic field for treating bone weakening and muscle wasting in seniors.

Along with Ostarine, Ligandrol is a great bulking choice and is excellent for beginners in their first cycle. Another attraction of Ligandrol is that it generally needs no PCT.

  • Andarine

Given its fabulous anabolic ratio of 10:1, Andarine is certainly not an option you would want to overlook for your bulking needs. Users have seen amazing muscle hardening in their first week onward. Created by GTx, Andarine has been connected to benefits any bodybuilder would yearn for such as muscle mass growth, strength-boosting, and lipolysis, some of these even without exercise.

It’s a great asset because it helps you keep your muscle gains even after the cycle. Andarine also avoids the bloating or water retention problem.

Andarine’s qualities make it a great option to add to a stack, especially towards the close of a cycle as you prepare for a contest. However,  Andarine makes you more than bulk up, it also makes you shed fat in a  process that is yet to be understood but certainly adds to its overall attraction.

Users of Andarine have sometimes experienced a vision problem (yellow vision) as one of the side effects. This almost saw Andarine drop from use, but it was soon found that it is a temporary problem and usually occurs at high doses.

  • Testolone

If you want immense bulking for your muscles at an insanely fast pace, Testolone is another great choice worth looking into. It boasts an eye-popping 80:1 androgenic ratio which puts it among the best in its class.

Testolone (also known as RAD140), still under clinical trials by Radius Healthcare, has very potent effects even in small quantities. Users have rated it as the closest thing you can have to testosterone.

Testolone also has another great thing about it, it has no to few side effects because of its low estrogenic nature.  This makes it ideal for stacking, for example, it can be stacked with LGD-4033 to achieve insanely speedy rates for bulking while keeping side effects to a minimum.  Not experimentally established but based on anecdotal evidence, however, are two side effects,  sleep deficiency and lethargy.

To avoid testosterone suppression post cycle for the typical 12-week cycle of using Testolone, you can use Proviron.  Testosterone suppression does occur with Testolone by up to 70%, but a PCT cycle can restore your situation.


The best SARMS for you will still have to be tailored to your specific needs so no one SARM will be best for everyone. For example, beginners and veterans may have different preferences.

Of course, you have the choice of stacking these SARMs to get even better results in terms of speed and effectiveness in bulking. Stacking periods can range from 6 to 10 weeks with an average of 8 for most bodybuilders.  Longer periods, however, puts you at risk of testosterone suppression and longer PCT treatments.

For all these SARMS, one still needs to follow a rigorous diet and exercise routine, including taking lots of fluid (3.7 liters of water daily), high protein intake, and lots of carbs.

Note that SARMS are not legal substances. They are banned by virtually all sports agencies so they are not suitable for those engaging in sports as they can get you banned.

For the bodybuilding community however they are fine as long as safe dosages are followed and care is taken to buy only from authentic sources.

Even though they are not approved by the FDA, this does not mean they are not safe. It is only that the FDA has not researched them yet (or has not allocated funds to investigate them)

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