What are the Best SARMS for Weight Loss?

How to Buy the Best SARMS for Weight Loss

Obesity and overweight are some of the most vexing problems facing the planet. That’s because for most people, no matter how hard they try, these stubborn hurdles don’t go away despite what they throw at them.

What’s true of the planet is also true for the bodybuilder and athletic community, many of whom also battle and struggle daily with weight. But didn’t we hear that anabolic steroids were perfect for solving the problem?

Yes, steroids were indeed the magic bullet to make your unsightly body fat disappear. They did more than that. They also literally made you reclaim your manhood, whether it was getting back your sex life, having back that explosive energy of youth or renewing your virile health.

But that was not all. They also brought misfortune with them from irreversible liver damage to prostate trouble to men’s boobs and a host of others, including sudden death.

These made people yearn for something better.  And it came sooner rather than later. Thanks to the painstaking steps of science, we now have SARMS, a new class of potent compounds that do almost as much as, if not better, as anabolic steroids.

The truth is that almost all SARMS can help you cut weight, but not all SARMS are made equal, and some have a more dramatic effect than others.

In this article, I will share with you my top list of SARMS that are designed to help you solve your weight problems in a safe and effective way. But first I will quickly tell you what SARMS are and how different they are from Steroids.

SARMS vs. Steroids

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.  Steroids are simply synthetic substances that are made to look like and resemble the natural testosterone which is produced by our bodies.

Both SARMS and steroids are used to treat conditions caused by a testosterone shortage in the body. Testosterone production of the body tends to diminish as we age creating unwanted conditions like reduced physical strength, wasting muscle, reduced sex drive, etc.

Both SARMS and steroids seek to restore these lost functions by mimicking the action of testosterone. 

Both SARMS and steroids do this by acting on receptors found in our body cells telling them to do specific actions (that’s the modulating action that they do on receptors).

However, while steroids go all over the body indiscriminately giving these instructions, SARMS are more restrained and targeted, instructing only the receptors found in bone and muscle tissue.

This makes SARMS better and safer because they give us only what we want and avoid what we didn’t ask for.

Steroids, however, give us both what we want and what we don’t want. It’s a mixed bag containing good as well as awful things. For example, you get dramatically increased energy and lean muscle, but you also get liver failure and yes, even death.

SARMS keeps it all clean and simple. Make us get better, stronger bones, lean muscle, more libido, and as this article will show, shed off excess weight.

Now that we know what SARMS are and how they differ from steroids, I will now give you my list of the top 4 SARMS that are ideal for losing weight.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

This easily comes to the top of my list of the best SARMS for weight reduction. That happens to be a very popular choice, also of many in the bodybuilding crowd. Ligandrol also has the distinction for being the SARMS product with the amplest clinical data showing its effectiveness for achieving fat loss and muscle gain.

Initially developed by Ligand Pharmaceutical, it has been found to have the effect of maximizing weight reduction as one works out.

Is it safe? From a safety point of view, it is absolutely safe because it has been used for a long time with no harmful results have been noted.

Dosage? Ligandrol is taken orally and so has no need for injections or needles. You need to take it for eight weeks to see a weight reduction. The daily dose should be 3 to 5 mg.  You shouldn’t exceed twelve weeks however when taking Ligandrol

Ligandrol is best stacked with Andarine or Cardarine to see great results of weight loss.

It also works great at making you recover from injuries.

Cardarine (GW 501516)

Cardarine is a great gym product normally valued for its dramatic action of elevating endurance. But this doesn’t take away from its power to make you also lose fat.

Very helpful for both men and women who are obese, Cardarine changes the way fat is stored in the body by increasing glucose usage and making the body change the way it handles nutrients. The body tends to switch to burning fat rather than using carbohydrates to get its energy needs. Studies show that the overall result of this is the reduction of fat. Cardarine works well to kill fat because it gives the user immense energy to use and burn away the fat

Cardarine’s fat loss ability makes it a handy SARM to include in a stack although it can also stand on its own.

Dosage? If you want to use it on its own, an effective dosage is 10 to 20 mg each day. Women should take a different dose of 5 to 10 mg per day. The cycle should last twelve weeks, and the pills are best taken with food to increase bioavailability.

It is also best taken an hour before your gym session to give you a real headstart on your weight cutting efforts. It should go without saying that you should ensure that you fill up on a ketogenic diet to keep obesity at bay.

Is it safe? I need to bust a long circulating myth about Cardarine. Studies on animals that were treated with Cardarine showed that they were prone to getting cancer, so it was assumed this would affect humans too. However, the American Association of Cancer Research has confirmed that Cardarine does not cause cancer. Studies of over 20 years continue to show no safety concerns connected to Cardarine. Cardarine is also a good choice because it does not require PCT. This is because the testosterone suppression it causes post cycle is minimal.

Other benefits you get from Cardarine that can affect weight is that it helps you fights diabetes by actually reversing it.  It also makes your bad cholesterol go away while keeping the good cholesterol intact.

Can it be stacked? Although Cardarine can stand on its own, its full weight loss outcome can be fully unleashed if it is stacked with Ligandrol.

Stenabolic (SR 9009)

Stenabolic is also recognized for its fascinating effects on endurance coupled with its massive shedding effect on body fat. It acts on fat-storing cells

In one study, obese mice treated with Stenabolic experienced fat loss and a gain in muscle.

Stenabolic high metabolic rates stand out for the way it spends away excess calories before they even have the chance to form fat.

Dosage? Keep in mind that Stenabolic has a rather short life which is 4 hours. A dosage that would work here is 20 to 30 mg per day, with 4 hours intervals separating them.

Stacking with Cardarine will give full-fat loss capabilities, and this is a favorite of many bodybuilders.

Andarine (S4)

Andarine, a product of Gtx, is one of the mildest SARMS options with less potency than the other SARMS. Despite this, it can be a handy choice for cutting weight, especially for those just starting out.

Andarine does cut fat but by a process yet to be explained. Some believe that its action of blocking the secretion of Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is responsible. HSL has a role in causing the body to burn stored fat.

Dosage? Andarine should be taken every day at 50 mg daily for four weeks. The fat burning effect can be amplified if you take it together with 25 mg of Andarine and 20mg of Cardarine.

Is it stacked? Andrine’s can be safely stacked with other SARMS. For example, it can be stacked with Stenobolic or Cardarine. Ostarine is particularly useful to stack with as it is more anabolic properties can promote maximum fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously.

Is it safe? Andarine sometimes causes vision problems in which users see yellowish color. Some also experience night blindness. However, this problem goes away once one has come out of the cycle. It is also being related to high dosages so it can be avoided by simply sticking to recommended dosages.


For anyone who struggles with weight and obesity, this need not be the case anymore with the SARMS option on the table. These products have proven to be safe and effective for cutting weight. What’s also critical is that they all help to shed off fat without making you lose the lean muscle which they actually add.

However, SARMS on their own will not help you cut weight unless you complement it with diet and exercise. Keep in mind that the main action of SARMS is to gain muscle and fat loss happens to a lesser extent.

You need to be careful however where you source your SARMS as many counterfeits are in circulation and this would obviously do nothing for your weight problem (besides exposing you to risk because of their unknown ingredients).

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