Cardarine Review 2019: Benefits & Side Effects

Introduction to Cardarine

You’ve probably already heard the importance of using a liver aid supplement while on a steroid, especially those that are labeled as liver toxic oral drugs. What you might not know is that most liver supplements in the market today only use a very little trace of the most important ingredient. This practice is commonly referred to as label dressing.

Substances such as Cardarine are very toxic to the liver, and this is the reason why I started the review with stressing the importance of a liver supplement during the steroid’s cycle. You might have come across Cardarine while searching for a strong and effective performance enhancer online. This substance is very famous among CrossFit members. Unfortunately, there is a very high chance that the information you have been getting regarding this steroid is not true and it’s either meant to discredit or exaggerate its properties. This guide will clearly separate fact from fiction by taking you through the history of the drug, the benefits, dosage, side effects, price, and how it works. After this review, you will have some understanding of the drug so that you are properly equipped before forming your fitness arsenal.

History of Cardarine

Cardarine was first developed and marketed in the year 1990 by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand as a tumor treatment drug. It was also discovered to be very effective in treating lipid heart health in the first medical trials. Later on, it was discovered that the drug increased endurance in the patients, as well as minimizing the effects of diabetes and getting rid of unwanted fat. It is not clear why the clinical use of the drug was discontinued, but this did not stop bodybuilders and athletes from continuing to use it as an enhancement supplement to boost muscle mass and endurance during workouts. One reason that might have contributed to the drug being banned from clinical use could be the side effects that were exhibited to the first patients that used the steroid for treatment. Today, Cardarine is one of the most popular enhancement supplements among fitness enthusiasts, although it’s marketing and sales takes place mostly on the black market.


You have probably come across a bodybuilder who praises steroids a lot by claiming how a certain type of steroid has helped them in their milestone. The truth is, nobody likes long distance cardio, but the feeling after the exercise is great. Cardarine helps a lot in long distance cardio by boosting your endurance and giving you a surge of strength that encourages you to keep going. Nobody knows how athletes came to know about the benefits of Cardarine in boosting strength and endurance. The discovery could have been made in the early ’90s. All that’s known is that the drug became famous within a very short time all over the world and by 2008, in the Chinese Olympics, a very large number of athletes were doping on it and posting excellent results. This resulted in the drug being banned by almost every doping commission in 2009, but due to its effectiveness, there are still a lot of athletes who still use the steroid.

How it works

Cardarine is not a selective androgen receptor modulator, but instead, it is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor. This means that when the activity in the gene is changed, it causes a consequential change in the energy output. This translates to the surge of energy provided by the steroid that encourages endurance by promoting the muscle recovery process. This helps athletes and bodybuilders not only in cardio but in the weight rooms too because you have the extra energy and motivation to keep working for longer.

It is important to note that the steroid does not work the same way as a stimulant, which increases the heart rate sharply, causing you to tire much quicker. Instead, Cardarine does the exact opposite, and it gives you the ability to rev up your engine more, without spiking up your heart rate.

Benefits of Cardarine

Reversing type 2 diabetes: there is clinical evidence showing that Cardarine has properties that significantly reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes but only if it is combined with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. It also helps with cholesterol to some extent.

In the past few years, evidence has come up showing that Cardarine can be used in treating lipid abnormalities where it has been proven to reduce insulin resistance in rodents and bigger primates.

Fat loss: Another benefit that comes from using Cardarine is fat loss. This does not mean that the steroid is only meant for fat or obese people; even lean people have some amount of stored fat in their bodies, especially if they do not exercise. Once again, it’s worth to mentioning that Cardarine does not work like stimulant based fat burners. Instead, it spikes your glucose intake so that the way food is digested in your body is completely altered to quicken your metabolic rate. This means that no matter what you consume, you will still lose weight when using Cardarine. A healthier diet is, however, recommended for sharper results.

Boosting energy: The product also maintains high levels of energy supporting your libido and productivity throughout the day.

When used together with the right workout routine, the substance is very effective in increasing muscle mass. In the process, it will also boost your strength, although most of your power will come from the regular exercises you will be partaking. You will be able to push yourself to the limit.

Side Effects

Cardarine is not a hormone, and neither does it cause any strain on the heart. It also doesn’t aromatize into estrogen when ingested. The drug has no serious issues even when used for six months straight. Nevertheless, there isn’t any steroid that does not come with its own share of side effects. For Cardarine, the adverse effects include:

1.      Using this product may affect the general health of an individual and cause organ failure. It affects the liver and the functioning of the heart, Steroids normally cause a rapid heart rate, which in the end may result in cardiac failure. The liver is affected due to the amount of work it takes to process the high concentrated dosages of anabolic steroids.

2.      When an individual chooses to use this product, they should expect that the rate at which their hair grows will also be affected. Among women, not only do they experience changes in hair growth but also that the tone of their voices changes toad deeper, more masculine tone. Some of these changes are often permanent since they affect the natural physical structure. Among men, there may be a rush on the hair loss on the head commonly known as balding, especially for those among whom it is genetic.

3.      For those who use this product as a tool to reduce weight, they should know that it affects the amount of fat in the body and sometimes may affect it negatively. Cardarine tends to cause body fat to shed so that an individual can get in the course to create the amount of lean muscle that they want. Therefore, it means that the body may be depleted of the standard amount of fat that should be available to the body for it to continue functioning normally.

4.      Even though testosterone is normally associated with strength, the use of Cardarine to enhance the body may cause a strain on the production of testosterone. It would be expected that using this steroid would, in fact, increase the levels of testosterone in the body, however, that is not the case with this product.

5.      The most important side effect to note about Cardarine is that it is a narcotic, which means it is an addictive substance. This explains why it is banned from use in the sports arena. Before it was discovered that it is an addictive and performance-enhancing substance, many athletes had already fallen victim to it, and perhaps for some, it even ended their careers. This is why it is crucial to understand its side effects before using it.


Cardarine can be used by itself without the need for another testosterone booster or supplement. The recommended dosage is between 10mg to 20 mg per day, and it should take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours before workouts or exercises. Users have reported feeling the effects of the steroid within the first 60 seconds of ingestion. This means that the drug acts very fast.

The Price

When purchasing the steroid, be careful to spot genuine sellers because of most products in circulation under the name of Cardarine are counterfeit. One bottle of the steroid goes for approximately $70, but the price can be higher depending on the website.


Cardarine can be used during the post cycle therapy because as I mentioned before, the substance is not a hormone. It actually helps to prevent any sort of fat rebound when you are at your most vulnerable point. 

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