Ibutamoren (MK677) Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

What is Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is a SARMS ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that is commonly used in increasing lean muscle mass among bodybuilders and athletes. It also has other effects on the body, such as stimulating appetite and facilitating body fat allocation. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes and weight problems can as well engage the use of Ibutamoren. So basically, it could, in fact, be concluded that Ibutamoren is a crucial tool for enhancing physical appearances. 

Manufacturers and distributors

Ibutamoren is also known by various other names including Nutrabol and MK-677. The Manufacturing and distribution of Ibutamoren are overseen by several companies. First up is Wuhan JCJ Logics Co., Ltd, a company based in China. They are one of the biggest suppliers of pharmaceutical products in China and across the world. They are mainly engaged in studies involving medical products that are popular in the market. When manufacturing MK677, it undergoes screening and testing in their state of the art equipment. They have managed to secure a market within China and across the world since their products offer a wide variety of benefits.

The other company that is actively involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Ibutamoren is the Hong Kong Shijingu Technology Co., Ltd. They specialize in the production of steroids and related products that have gained root in the modern market. Quality is guaranteed as part of their policy. When it comes to customer service, they go all out, and they also offer the choice to customize packaging for the product. They design products that are especially popular in the entertainment industry, where individuals are regularly changing their physical appearances.

What are the benefits of Ibutamoren?

There are tonnes of benefits that come from using Ibutamoren. These include:

  • Muscle building capacity

This is one of the main results that an individual should expect to observe after using Ibutamoren. The substance creates a highly anabolic environment that boosts the growth of muscle cells. The user won’t just experience a significant increase in lean muscle mass, but they will also find their workouts a lot easier to undertake. The results after using Nutrobal are achieved pretty fast, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular in the bodybuilding industry.

  • Ibutamoren can restore bones to healthy conditions

During the transition in the stages of growth, sometimes the bones may suffer erosion or even may become brittle. Nutrobal can improve the condition of bones, especially among athletes and middle-aged women. Each of these two groups is susceptible to bone-related injuries because their bones are deprived of essential minerals over time. To prove its effect on eroded bones, studies were conducted on middle-aged women before and after using it, and it was discovered that there was a great improvement on the condition of their bones.

  • Curbs sleep deprivation

For some people, it is pretty difficult to catch sleep, and even when it happens, it is often for a very short duration. Since Ibutamoren is a substance that facilitates hormone secretion, it enables the secretion of the sleep hormone. Athletes and other individuals who exert their bodies require a lot of rest and sleep for their bodies to recover. The kind of sleep induced by this product is often deep and uninterrupted. A well-rested body lays the foundation for an active and highly productive day both in and out of the gym.

  • Equalizes body fat

Ibutamoren does the trick when it comes to burning unwanted body fat. Even individuals who are struggling with being overweight, have found that this substance, combined with the correct diet and amount of exercise helps in reducing body fat.

  • Stabilizes growth hormone levels

This particular effect of Ibutamoren is only felt among children who are still growing, particularly children who are experiencing hormone deficiency. Its mechanisms are such that it does not prevent the action of other growth hormones and enzymes.

  • Facilitates tissue repair

This is another reason why a lot of athletes opt to use it as part of their program due to its healing ability. However, you should take into consideration that so far, there have been only a few studies made to confirm this fact.

Recommended dosage

Ibutamoren can be taken orally in tablet or liquid form. The recommended dosage is 25 grams per day taken orally. You can decide to take the substance all at once or split it into smaller dosages spread to different times of the day.

Using this substance for the first time? New users are advised to start MK677 in low doses and increase the dosage slightly depending on how well they are responding to the substance.

Ibutamoren should be used in cycles with breaks in between. A typical cycle should last for around 2 months.


You can only get Ibutamoren from online stores. The retail price for the lowest amount of purchasable, 5mg, is $120 while for the highest amount, purchasable is $700. These prices may vary depending on the site that is selling it. Take note that some sites may indicate a price that includes shipping fees.

Side Effects of Ibutamoren

In as much as Ibutamoren has all the highlighted benefits, it also comes with quite several undesired effects. The good news is that most of these side effects are only common when you abuse the drug by either taking them in excess or using it for too long. This means that using MK677 as recommended reduces your risk for side effects significantly.

Here are some of the commonly reported adverse reactions:

  • A general feeling of exhaustion
  • Pain and burning sensation in the joints
  • Irritation in the joints

In some patients, especially the elder ones, there have been reports that they have experienced elevated blood pressure and sugar levels. It was later discovered that these individuals were initially at the risk of suffering these complications even before they started using Ibutamoren but the substance some role in escalating the condition.

When using Ibutamoren, it is expected that there will be an increase in appetite. This may be an unwanted effect on some people, especially those who are striving for weight loss.

Ibutamoren may cause a reaction with the skin resulting in loss of feeling. The other effect is that the skin may feel prickly. If this feeling is persistent and becomes unbearable, then it is recommended that they stop using this product and perhaps even find one that is more suitable for them.

Any extra side effects that are not indicated on the prescription manual should be reported to the physician and the manufacturer.This will allow them to make alterations where necessary to avoid any catastrophic occurrences that may result from using Ibutamoren.

Conclusion on MK677

Ibutamoren is a substance that is still undergoing test studies. For this reason, it is recommended that it is purchased from a certified store and that the recommended dosage is followed to the letter since a lot about it is still unknown.

Before engaging these body enhancement products, it is paramount that an individual conducts extensive research and even conducts consultations about a certain product before using it.

Ibutamoren is a very gentle substance with no acute side effects. It’s also worth noting that it does not alter the normal hormone composition. People suffering from organ issues such as liver and heart failure should withhold from using Ibutamoren. The results and effects of using a substance such as Ibutamoren also vary from one individual to the other. To get the best out of this substance, you need to make sure that you follow the recommended dosage keenly and complement it with a proper workout routine and diet.

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