Ligandrol (LGD-4033): Benefits & Side Effects of This Revolutionary SARM

Introduction to Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Along your fitness and enhancement journey, you have probably come across Ligandrol, popularly known as LGD 4033. You might have tried it or maybe just took a casual look at the product online or at a fitness buddy’s house. This post is meant to give you a clear insight into this selective androgen receptor modulator. We are going to look at its compounds, characteristics, benefits, dosage, and side effects among other features of the steroid. Basically, everything that you need to know about the drug will be indicated in this article.

History of LGD-4033

Ligandrol was first developed and marketed by Ligand Pharma Ltd. Right from the start, it was classified under the family of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM), and up to date, it still maintains this classification. In the ’90s, around the time when LGD-4033 was being developed, SARM steroids were designed for combating a number of muscle wasting diseases, for example, osteoporosis. They worked by binding together with the body’s androgen receptors, especially those found inside the cells of the male reproductive tissues. This is what gives them the most vital property, especially muscle building. For this reason, Ligandrol is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes as a muscle enhancement and strength generator supplement. What drove bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts to purchase LGD more was the fact that it was meant to treat some diseases that were seen to affect men in most cases.

Over the years, LGD has grown in popularity significantly because it is one of the very few SARMs that have been taken through human clinical trials. The results showed that LGD is very effective even when used as a standalone steroid, and exhibits very little side effects, especially when used according to the recommended dosages.

Benefits of using LGD

During the first clinical trial of LGD, subjects were each given 1.0mg of daily Ligandrol dosage, for 21 days. It was observed that all of them gained lean muscles at the end of the test period, all to the same extent. After this, bodybuilders and athletes who used the product for over six week’s period recorded the following benefits:

  • Strength

LGD 4033 is very effective at breaking through a plateau. According to reviews from most of its customers, this SERM steroid has the capacity to increase cardiovascular and lifting strength within weeks.

  • Fat loss

This drug also promotes muscle development by combating muscle breakdown instead of the common procedure of ginning for the use of stored fat as seen in many other steroids. This is because muscle tissue is far much harder to maintain in the body as compared to fat. This process results in the body automatically burning fat in order to function normally.

  • Rejuvenated feeling

this is one of the features of LGD that has seen it become one of the best selling SARM in the market today. It gives the user an incredible surge of strength and improves their mood throughout the day. You will not experience the usual mood swings associated with other steroids. Instead, you will feel positive throughout the day and feel motivated to go for the extra mile in everything that you do.

  • Pumps

You will also notice fuller, harder, venous muscle for longer, which will result in a ripped look that will leave all your mates astonished and impressed. The results gotten from a cycle of LGD-4033 are the same as those experienced through the use of Anavar or Dianabol, which are both some of the most powerful SERMs ever developed.

Ligandrol results after 12 weeks cycle


What makes LGD better than other steroids?

Although SERMs and steroids are classified as two different entities, their functionality is very similar because they both bind into the androgen receptors on the user’s body so that they can enhance muscle formation. However, LGD 4033 is a tissue-selective SERM, which means that it is able to select specific muscles and tissues with which to bind. Other steroids, on the other hand, will bind in any androgen receptor in the body, including those in the prostate, liver, and even in the sebaceous glands. This is why most steroids are associated with some of the most severe side effects if they are abused or used for a prolonged period of time. These side effects include higher chances of prostate cancer, liver and kidney damage, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular complications. Steroids also interfere with the estrogen levels in the body, and this will lead to side effects such as acne, bloating hair loss, and high blood pressure.

A drug that is classified under SERM will not exhibit these side effects because it only concentrates on the muscle tissue and does not interfere with the function of other vital organs in the body. You can think of the difference between LGD and other steroids as the difference between a sniper bullet and a machine gun.

Possible side effects of LGD-4033

Any side effect exhibited from the use of LGD is very minimal and wears off within a very short time. The most serious side effects that most users have reported after taking this drug is occasional nausea, which is usually very mild. This symptom appears at the beginning of the cycle but gradually disappears as the body become accustomed to the drug. Most side effects of using LGD can easily be avoided by increasing your water intake. However, if you notice that the symptoms are persistent or are becoming unbearable, you should seek the attention of your doctor.

Also, consult your coach or trainer before beginning a cycle. Symptoms such as nausea and headaches are usually a sign of over-training and might not even be connected to the usage of LGD 4033, but the temptation to go beyond your training and workout limit.

LGD Dosage

The half-life of LGD is about 30hours. Therefore, dosages ranging at 10mg to 22mg taken once per day are very okay and should be effective. If you have to stack it with another supplement, ensure that the other drug is also under SARM classification. For the best result of LGD, ensure that you have a cycle of about eight weeks, but you should not exceed beyond that. Take plenty of time off the drug before starting another cycle so that you can give your testosterone levels enough time to balance. If you are stacking it with any other supplement, it is highly recommended that you stick to low dosages t ovoid triggering an overreaction from the other drug.

Post Cycle Therapy for LGD

LGD does not cause aromatization, although it can lead to mild suppression of the testosterone levels in the body. To curb the effects of its suppression on your hormones, some experts recommend cycling it with a mild cycle therapy supplement such as Nova or Clomid for approximately four weeks, just enough to boost the production of hormones in the body. There are users who still, choose to offset this issue by using testosterone booster supplements or by waiting for the natural hormone production to kick in, which will happen immediately you stop the LGD cycle.

The price of LGD

The average cost for a one month’s supply of LGD is around $40. The product is legal to sell and has not been banned from any state whatsoever. It is however banned from being used by athletes and bodybuilders who are into professional sports which have banned the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Be careful when buying LGD from an online store because most of the products labeled under Ligandrol are counterfeit. You can always look up a genuine seller by looking at the recommendations from other online customers. LGD is fairly affordable compared to most SERMs, and in some cases, it is more effective.

The best thing about LGD is that when you purchase one batch of the drug, it will take you a long way since the recommended daily dosage is just under 10mg per day. The drug is available in capsules form and is meant for oral consumption only.

How long does it take for the results to be felt?

Results depend on a lot of factors starting from your body type, genetic factors, levels of training, and other factors that affect your ability to burn fat and develop muscles. However, there are some gains, such as increased strength and endurance, which should start being experienced within the first two weeks of your cycle. If you go beyond this without noticing any change in strength or endurance, then there is a very high chance that the LGD product you are using is a counterfeit.


The supplement industry is flooded with different products as new SARM brands are being introduced in the market. This makes it difficult for most users to select an option for their needs since there are so many varieties to choose from. Ligandrol makes these decisions easier to make since it offers quick results which are easy to achieve without any harsh side effects. It is a great option for people who are looking for superior results while staying completely away from steroids.