PhenQ review: Is This the Ultimate Answer to Your Weight Problems?

Introduction to PhenQ

Slimming or cutting unwanted fat from the body has always been a chore. You tend to get fat easily but struggle to shed it off. This explains the frustrations of many people toiling for years on end and spending large sums of money in vain.

A dizzying number of slimming products have flooded the market to solve the problem, but they have proved all too disappointing, adding to the sense of hopelessness. So could PhenQ, a more recent product, be the answer to this growing problem?

PhenQ claims to approach the problem differently, using a unique approach compared to other products. It combines all ingredients—some of them found in other products in ineffective blends—in one pill so that your weight problem is tackled from five different angles often overlooked by other products.

PhenQ’s actions mimic the strategy employed in war. You are more likely to deal with more than one front when fighting your enemy. It is no good if you are doing a fantastic job on one front while failing on the other fronts.

But how well does this unique formula work and does it actually help users to fix their weight problem?  In this article, I will give you a glimpse of what PhenQ is and look at whether PhenQ passes the test as an effective weight loss product.


PhenQ isn’t a product that’s been around a long time. Yet it has already built up a huge fanbase, with more than 190,000 satisfied customers to its name. The company behind it, Wolfson Berg Ltd, which ships the product from the UK and the US where they are manufactured, prides itself on earning a leading spot in the industry after a relatively short time. Wolfson Berg has a decade of experience in the market, producing other products, including Testogen.

How does PhenQ work

PhenQ’s unique formulation enables it to combine in one pill ingredients that target five different aspects of weight loss. Unfortunately, most other products work in targeting one or just a few of these areas, usually using poorly dosed or blended ingredients. PhenQ has the unique feature that it has come up with the right proportions of all the required ingredients so that you get everything you need in one pill.

Here are the multiple fronts that PhenQ fights in order to achieve weight loss

  • Prevent fat storage
  • Prevent fat production
  • Reduce appetite
  • Boost energy
  • Elevates your mood

Taken together, the actions on these five areas have the synergistic effect of making you achieve weight loss much faster and effectively.


PhenQ’s function is based on its ability to increase metabolic rates in the body leading to faster fat burning rates and weight reduction.

PhenQ claims it is better than the competition in giving you a weight loss solution that really works and gives you these benefits.

  • Great anti-aging properties
  • Suppresses your appetite so that you don’t overeat leading to weight increases
  • Aids in menopause for women
  • Good for training
  • Raises or improves your mood. As opposed to other products where weight loss process tends to drive people into a depressed mood, PhenQ does the opposite, conferring positive feelings which can also help keep you focused on your goals
  • Increases your energy
  • Acts as a good detoxifier
  • Can be used by vegans
  • suitable for use for both genders

Side effects

PhenQ is 100% formulated from natural materials, so it has very few or no reported side effects.

I have assessed the impact of using all the ingredients and found them to be generally safe if taken in given amounts and instructions.

While this is the experience of most people  who have  tried  the product, a few people can get side effects like

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • restlessness

Its caffeine ingredient can also affect users who can’t tolerate coffee. In addition, this caffeine can cause sleepiness.


  • Great even for vegans
  • Clinically proven by scientific studies
  • Generally safe for use
  • Money back guarantee


  • It is regarded as expensive
  • Only available online from the manufacturer’s site

While PhenQ is effective, the results don’t last after you stop using the product. This calls for one to stick to a proper diet and exercise to maintain those gains.


The company claims that its product is centered on one main active ingredient called Lacys Reset, which is built using an advanced patented formula. This is what really gives PhenQ its incredible potency.

Laceys Reset (at 25 mg), is a composition of two substances, cysteine, and alpha-lipoic acid. (ALA)

ALA is the same natural substance you will find in green vegetables like spinach. On the other hand, cysteine is an amino acid that is also naturally produced by the body.

What ALA does

 It is an antioxidant with powerful detoxifying abilities. Studies show that an ALA consumption of 600 mg per day greatly reduces triglycerides (fatty acids connected to health problems) in obese people who have diabetes. ALA also has a valuable role in boosting your energy levels through its actions of breaking down carbohydrates.

What cysteine does

Very familiar to bodybuilders, cysteine is a component of protein-rich foods and is essential for building muscle mass and strength.

The overall effect of the combination of these ingredients is increased metabolic rates and more rapid burning of body fat.

Besides Lacys Reset, there are 5 other active ingredients which add to the efficacy of PhenQ. They are:

Capsimax powder (15.5 mg)

This is a mix consisting of niacin (vitamin B3), capsicum, caffeine, and piperine. Each of these has an essential contribution, which combined in Capsimax helps to burn fat.

Capsicum (a chili pepper extract) and piperine (derived from black pepper) both enhance the process of thermogenesis (heat production in the body that causes metabolic rates to increase and burn fat). 

Chromium picolinate (10 mcg)

Popular with most weight cutting products, this ingredient has a scientifically well-backed ability to make you crave less for food, particularly sugar.  It creates a sense of being satisfied so that you don’t eat more.

Nopal (20 mg):

Nopal is the ingredient that gives PhenQ its ability to control your appetite. It has a high fiber content that is extracted from cactus. This is designed to make you feel full for extended periods. Scientific studies have shown a proven link between cactus fiber and its ability to make you lose weight.

Calcium carbonate:

This is a great addition to the PhenQ formula as it adds yet one more weapon to reducing your appetite. When your body gets this stuff in sufficient amounts, it sends out signals to stop taking more food. But it does more than this because it makes the body burn fat as a replacement of the desire for more food. This makes it a great weight loss supplement.

Caffeine Anhydrous (142 mg)

Beyond its well-known stimulant effect of enhancing your mental focus, it can act to curb your appetite. One study also showed that caffeine can contribute to weight loss as it accelerates fat burning during exercise.

L- Carnitine fumarate (150 mg)

Yet another ingredient with impressive scientific support for benefits such as improving your exercise performance and increasing energy level. Studies show that these benefits extend to weight loss and heart health.

Magnesium stearate

This is an inactive ingredient, but it has the important role of holding together the ingredients in the pill; every pill is coated with it to protect the other substances

Price and availability

PhenQ is not a low-priced product when you compare it with the alternatives in the weight-loss niche.  However, you can make up for this by taking advantage of the discounts they offer for making large purchases.

Bottles bought                price                          savings           extra bottle free 

1                                  69.95               10.00                           0

2                                  139.90             100.00                         1

3                                  189.95             210.00                         2

PhenQ also offers you a chance to try out their product for free for a period of 60 days. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it and claim back your money.


PhenQ is taken in easy to follow dosage that you follow each day. You take a total of just two pills each day with your meals. (at breakfast and lunch times). However, one has to be careful not to take it after 3 pm because, given its caffeine content, that can interfere with your sleep situation at night.

Is PhenQ for everyone?

PhenQ is definitely not for everyone. You shouldn’t use this product if

  • You are not yet 18
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have medical conditions like diabetes, kidney problems, liver   or autoimmune disorders
  • You have an allergy against any of PhenQ’s ingredients
  • You are already taking medicines for other conditions. Ask a doctor’s opinion before using PhenQ.


PhenQ is a great product that has already benefited many going by the raving customer reviews. It has a revolutionary ingredient, Lacys Reset, which definitely gives it an edge, given that it has a sound scientific footing based on clinical tests.  PhenQ is also an all natural supplement making it healthy and safe to use. In addition, it is FDA certified and requires no prescription. I recommend it highly for people struggling with weight and want to cut it.

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