Testogen review: This product could Fix Your Testosterone Levels

Introduction to Testogen

One of the best things a man is gifted with is the testosterone hormone streaming in his blood, which helps to define so many aspects of his masculinity. This is what gives him the privilege of being a man in every sense, providing him with a healthy sex drive, overflowing virile energy worth envying and a strongly sculpted body to die for.  

 Unfortunately, testosterone doesn’t always stay by a man’s side throughout his life, and this can cause him lapses in his manhood. As old age sets in, testosterone levels in the body go down, and unpleasant symptoms like muscle loss, libido loss, bone weakness, memory loss, irritability, and depression creep in.

It is precisely the kind of condition that Testogen, a nutritional supplement, was designed to combat.  Testogen promises to roll back the clock and make you the strong, youthful man you used to be. But how well does it do this and can you trust it? In this article, I step back from the walls of myth and misconceptions to give you all the answers you need to know about Testogen.


Wolfson Berg Ltd is the manufacturer of Testogen. Started over 30 years ago, it focuses on producing nutritional supplements and weight loss products. The phenomenal PhenQ, which is a weight loss supplement, is also one of its products.

Wolfson Bergen ships its products from the UK.

Testogen first went on sale in 2015 and has quickly acquired popularity with customers. Wolfson Berg prides itself in using the best technology to create Testogen, paying meticulous attention to identify, source, measure, and include the best natural ingredients in it.


The benefits Testogen can give you are

  • cuts back on fat, particularly that which sits around your waist
  • boosts motivation and uplifts your mood
  • bulks up your muscle mass 
  • helps you to have greater endurance so that you can have longer workouts
  • helps to keep your blood pressure at the optimum level
  • gives you better mental concentration and performance
  • revs your sex life by improving your sex drive and performance
  • you will get better quality of sleep

Side effects

Testogen has little or no side effects associated with it. No doubt this comes from the fact that it is made from natural ingredients with no artificial or synthetic components.  However, vegans may have to seek another product because Testogen contains gelatin.  Also, it is wise to get the medical view of your doctor before you take Testogen, especially if you have other illnesses or if you are taking medications.

There are a few consumers who have reported an increase in aggression, but these are limited cases, and it’s not clear whether other products contributed.


Testogen is wholly produced from natural sources without any synthetic ingredients. It combines 11 pure ingredients known for their power to boost testosterone levels in the body.

  • Bioperine (piperine 5 mg): what good is there in having a super food or nutrient if it can’t get absorbed by the body?  This is where Bioperine (which is extracted from black pepper) comes in.  Included in the Testogen formula, it plays the part of ensuring that nothing gets thrown away from all the other ingredients included in the Testogen capsule.
  • Zinc (10 mg): no self-respecting testosterone booster would leave this out of its formula and here Testogen does not disappoint. Included in the form of zinc gluconate, zinc is important for a string of functions, including raising testosterone levels and improving your sperm quality. Sadly, you can lose a lot of zinc just through sweating. Testogen takes no chances here, making sure an adequate amount of this is included in your supplement.
  • Red Ginseng extract (40 mg): Long recognized as an aphrodisiac, this extract from a plant root is behind many things that are central to your masculinity including upping your libido, giving you quality erections, warding off dioxins which can damage your testes as well as revving up your physical and mental energy
  • Vitamin B6: This is a sensible and crucial inclusion because, apart from boosting testosterone levels, it fights fatigue and irritability as well as plays more than 100 other functions in the body
  • Fenugreek extract (40 mg): This ingredient, cherished for its powerful energy imparting benefits gives you a completely natural and safe way of enhancing your vitality. More than this, it wipes away those harmful free radicals known for eroding your youthfulness. You can expect your fat and cholesterol levels to go down. Its selenium content is also essential because studies have shown that selenium helps you to fight depression as well as elevate testosterone levels
  • Vitamin K1 (20 mcg): Another killer vitamin, this ingredient is one you don’t want to miss in your testosterone boosting product. It does more than strengthen your bones. Its main role in Testogen is to improve the absorption of another vitamin included in Testogen–vitamin D., which is essential for boosting testosterone.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2352 mg): this is also another handy ingredient. DAA’s activating action on luteinizing hormones (a testosterone boosting hormone) is legendary. Exciting research ties it with a 45% jump of testosterone in just weeks. This, in turn, has fascinating results in lean muscle and strength.
  • Nettle Leaf extract (40 mg):  This is known for its unbinding action on testosterone. Testosterone is usually bound to the SHGB protein, which knocks it out of action because the body can’t get hold of it.  However, nettle leaf extract can free up this testosterone making it unbound and thus available for the body’s use
  • Vitamin D: Quite a bit of solid science lies behind this ingredient showing that more of it goes with higher testosterone levels and vice versa. Moreover, vitamin D works superbly in cooperation with vitamin K, boron, and magnesium, increasing their overall effectiveness.
  • Boron (8 mg): This hands yet another nifty tool to Testogen to do its magic of boosting testosterone. Its presence, even in minute quantities, is astonishing. A study showed that just 10mg per week of it could elevate testosterone levels by 28%. Bodybuilders can benefit a lot from it to build muscle
  • Magnesium (200 mg):  This essential ingredient has also been identified as a core testosterone booster. This is supported by a study showing that 750mg of it taken each day for a month leads to increases in testosterone by 28%.
  • It will also improve your sleep. Given that most people don’t get enough magnesium in their diet, Testogen comes equipped with adequate amounts to make up for the shortfall

Inactive ingredients include silica, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.


The company recommends that you take four capsules a day after taking some food.

It is important to space out the intake of the four supplements over the day to ensure maximum absorption.  This is because the body can only absorb a limited amount of nutrients at any one given time.

Because Testogen is natural, there’s no danger in taking it for extended times.  However, the company advises taking breaks of one week to achieve the best results.

Price and availability

Testogen isn’t cheap, going by the standards of its product niche.  One bottle, consisting of 120 pills (enough for a 1-month supply) costs $59.99.

The company sweetens the deal with savings offers if you make a big purchase.  For example, you will get 2 FREE bottles, AND  1 free e-book and booster drops if you buy three bottles.

Here are the full package offers you get, which include discounts and free delivery or shipping.

Bottles bought       Extra bottle you get              Price            Savings           Shipping

1                                  none                                 $59.99        $10.00             free

2                                  1                                        $119          $90.00             free

3                                  2                                       $179.99      $170.00           free

Shipment is free worldwide except for import costs that individual countries may charge.

Testogen can be bought only from the company’s official site. You won’t find it anywhere else, such as from Amazon or any other third parties. You run the risk of buying fake Testogen products if you buy from anywhere other than the manufacturer.

The company also gives a free 60-day trial of its product with an offer to return your money in full if you are not pleased with the product.

Conclusion on Testogen

In Testogen, you get more than you bargain for in terms of benefits. It’s a complete arsenal for keeping your testosterone problems under control. The company has a compelling product combining a mixture of minerals, herbs, and vitamins to give you a wholly natural solution. That’s great because you don’t get to have side effects or other health complications.

The processes for producing Testogen are stringent and meticulous as they are made to follow FDA regulations, meaning that’s one more reason you can trust Testogen with your health.

Testogen has a deserved industry reputation as a leading product for tackling low testosterone.

Of course, I like the bravado they show behind their 60-day money back guarantee. It just goes to show their confidence in their product.  If you don’t like their product, they retain it and hand you back your cash.

Add to all this; customer reviews are full of compliments.

If you have testosterone trouble and want to fix it, I would have no hesitation in recommending Testogen.