SARM S23 Review: What is SARMS S23?

Introduction to S23

SARM S23, as the name suggests, is a drug or supplement that belongs to a group of performance-enhancers known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. This is an exciting new class of drugs that have ushered in a new dawn on how to fight problems caused by testosterone deficiency in our bodies. 

But before there was SARMs, there was anabolic steroids, another amazing class of compounds that did the job perhaps too well for most people’s liking. That’s because steroids didn’t just give you dramatic results they also killed you or left you with a bad liver.

So, let’s just say SARMS came because they are the smarter and less messy option that does the job without killing you or leaving you with a bad liver.

But if SARMS are a new thing, SARMS S23 is even newer with very few years in the industry.

Is SARM S23 the best choice for you?

In this article, I will tell you the strengths and limitations of this supplement and will reveal whether it is worth trying for your bodybuilding and fitness goals.


SARMS S23 is the brainchild of GTx, a pharmaceutical company which should be a very familiar name to anyone in the pharmaceutical research and production area.

The company is actively studying SARMS S23 and their discoveries made so far show an impressive connection between SARMS S23 intake and the twin outcome of muscle buildup and fat loss, two results that will absolutely delight fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and weight conscious people. Another focus is to study the use of SARMS S23 as a safe male contraceptive.

In case you are wondering, it is GTx, which is also behind another favorite of the SARMS loving community—Ostarine.

What are the benefits of Sarm S23?

SARMS S23 has several proven benefits for users. Some have said that it is actually another version of S4 (another hard-hitting SARM), only more potent with more dramatic results. Others even go further, calling it the closest you can get to steroids, without its terrible side effects.

S23 is actually C-6 with its chemical structure reworked and remodeled. (C-6 is yet another SARM that’s has been around for a bit longer but it hasn’t delighted users all that much with its effectiveness).

Here are some of the benefits of SARMS S23 that you can expect to get from it.

  • Perhaps more than anything else, S23 has proven to be highly effective in building lean muscle.
  • Studies have also shown that one can keep gains indefinitely even after the cycle is complete
  • Fat loss is also gained on an S23 supplement. This reduction is dependent on dosages so that higher doses led to more fat loss and vice versa.
  • Immense strength gains:  S23 will give you massive strength gains that you will quickly notice as you perform your workout routines and see the ease with which you accomplish them
  • it can increase female libido: a female aversion for sex called Hyposexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) can be treated with S23
  • Prevents muscle waste: This is sometimes seen in a condition caused by the drug glucocorticoids.  An anti-inflammatory drug, its long-term use can cause muscle waste, but S23 can reduce it.
  • Improve bone density: S23 works in bulking up muscle mass and increasing bone strength at the same time.  Interestingly this does not matter with the dosage, whether high or low
  • Male contraceptive:  S23 has a suppressing effect on sperm production because it hinders the action of the hormones FSH and LH. This makes it a possible solution as the world’s first male contraceptive
  • Increases muscle hardness and dryness: Most bulking SARMS which promote muscle are known to produce “wet” muscle gains which mean they come with water retention. LGD-4033 and RAD 140 are examples. 

SARMS S23 will give you the opposite results, the hard, dry, and vascular muscle that has a sharp aesthetic appeal. Incidentally, no other product can give you this, and this unique feature of SARMS S23 makes it attractive for cutting or when preparing for a contest to maximize one’s winning chances.

Has no water retention: this means all your muscle gains are likely to be kept off cycle. This makes it attractive for a cutting cycle.

Helps when you are in a calorie deficit, i.e., low on carbs but want to retain as much muscle gain as possible

Side effects

With such an impressive list of benefits to its name, SARMS S23 also come with side effects that can cause anyone to pause before using it (or at least, make them proceed more slowly)

S23 is very suppressive of your testosterone, so it is absolutely important to get post cycle therapy (PCT) to restore normal T production. No way you can run on S23 on its own or your body will completely shut down!

PCT follows the use of many SARMS, but for SARM S23, it is essential. It is needed to retain the gains you made during the SARMS cycle, including preventing depression or maintaining motivation.

It usually lasts the same time as the SARM S23 cycle

  • Rise in body temperatures

This is seen a lot among S23 users leading to more sweating. This may require you to drink more water to compensate, especially when you take relatively higher doses of S23. There’s also frequent night sweating that leaves you thinking you are in a bath. This may be because S23 increases the body’s metabolic rate.

  • Rise in aggression

Typical of androgenic anabolic steroids and like RAD140, S23 seems to lead to more aggression in users. Users report that their reaction to minor incidents seems to be more extreme than normal. However, this aggression can come very handy when focusing on a performance requiring grit determination!

If was prone to anger post cycle, using SARMS S23 might make it worse so SARMS S23 so may not be suitable for such people

  • Cramping

This is because of the rise in temperatures which triggers muscle cramping as a result of dehydration

  • Acne breakouts

S23 shows this tendency more than other SARMS since it is less tissue-selective. Acne happens because sebaceous glands are signaled to produce more sebum. This sebum tends to block the pores leading to acne.

  • Loss of hair

Out of all the SARMS, S23 seems to contribute the most to hair loss.

Shrinking of the testicles and prostate:  these are usually reversed after usage of S23 is stopped so it should cause no alarm.

  • Darker urine

You may also see yourself having darker urine. However, this does not continue after the cycle is over.


S23 can be administered both by injection and orally. Its bioavailability as a pill is high, making it friendly for most people who may prefer pills.

Based on studies to date, the recommended dosage is between 0.5 mg and 50 mg. This range covers the needs of a broad range of people. For bodybuilders, a dosage of between 20 mg and 30mg is considered effective.

Since the half-life of SARMS S23 is 12 hours, the best way to take it is to split the dose and take one in the morning and the other one in the evening.

Price and availability

The price of S23 ranges from $40 to $70. These are mostly online vendors.

Unfortunately, many online sources of SARMS come with risks because as recent studies show, the majority of these supplies do not have the right ingredients, dosage, or labeling.

The action of SARMS S23

The action of SARMS S23 is similar to SARMS, in that it selectively targets androgen receptors in bone and muscle while pretty much leaving other receptors in the body intact. This is the major attraction of SARMS which has overwhelmingly won over the bodybuilding community and caused them to dump anabolic steroids.

Out of all the SARMS, S23 has perhaps the highest attraction to androgen receptors in bone and muscle and tissue selectivity, making it quite potent.

Stacking Options

SARMS S23 can be stacked with Andarine or LGD-4033, especially if you want to acquire lean muscle.


Most SARMS are research chemicals. This means that they are not regulated by the FDA, and they aren’t cleared for human use. Most of the research you are going to hear about takes place in underground labs since the government has not done its studies.

So that leaves you and me—the average Joe—no option but to do our own research and due diligence; a tall order indeed!

Fortunately, we have countless anecdotal evidence from enthusiasts and recreational hobbyists willing to help each other with their own experiences and tips. Taken together with the research findings released so far, the reviews weigh in favor of SARM S23 as a great choice for fitness and bodybuilders to try for their wild goals.

However, I will go against the trend and recommend that users should opt for another alternative because SARM S23 comes with too many undesirable side effects.


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